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Top tips and advice for destination weddings in Puerto Vallarta; check out our wedding blog for info on ceremonies, beach wedding venues and receptions.

Where to Marry Legally - Mexico or Back Home

Where to Marry Legally – Mexico or Back Home?

Destination weddings have been very much in vogue, and they show little sign of losing popularity in destinations like Mexico. This could be for a number of reasons: great service, good weather, stunning locations, fine dining, lower costs, and great wedding activities are just some possible reasons to marry in… Read more


Honeymoon Mistakes you Should Avoid

Every couple gets excited about their honeymoon; this is a trip that is supposed to be 110% romance and joy, and it offers a much needed chance to decompress after the stress and chaos that comes with planning a wedding. If you don’t plan your honeymoon well, however, your first… Read more

Do you need a Wedding Photographer

Do you need a Wedding Photographer?

Depending on your wedding budget, you may find that you have to cut some corners in order to save money.  While some of the wallet-friendly options may look (or sound, or taste!) just as good as their more expensive counterparts, your wedding photography is not a good place to cut… Read more


Weddings: Spiritual, Religious and Symbolic Ceremonies

Perhaps the key most important aspect of your wedding —whether you opt for a destination wedding, religious wedding, symbolic wedding or a combination—, is the type of ceremony that you choose to mark your union. While the reception party and all the trimmings might demand most of your time, budget… Read more

Choosing Mexico for your Honeymoon

Choosing Mexico for your Honeymoon

So, you’re planning your big day and you have all the important details nailed down. You have the place settings, the dress, the flowers, and the bridesmaid’s dresses, but have you considered your honeymoon? If you haven’t we would recommend that you consider a Mexican honeymoon. There are a few… Read more


The History of Honeymoons

Everything in the world has a history all of its own, even those things that seem as old as human history itself. The honeymoon is no different, but of course the modern convention has developed so much over time. Today it is an important time to relax and getaway from… Read more

Wedding Video

Should you Have a Wedding Video?

Although you might have a hard time justifying the amount of money it will cost to have wedding photography and videography on your big day, not having a wedding video may end up being one of the biggest regrets you have about your wedding day.  For most of us, imagining… Read more


What to Wear on your Honeymoon

When you’re planning your honeymoon there are many, many details to consider, and one that might fall to the bottom of the pile is what you will wear. You don’t want to leave this to the last minute; you don’t want your honeymoon vacation snaps to be ruined by a… Read more

Wedding Hairstyles

Recommendations for Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Regardless of your personal style, whether it’s elegant, trendy, bohemian or classic, there is no doubt you want to look amazing during your beach wedding.  Planning a head-to-toe look beyond just your dress is important for your big day, and your hair is a key factor in the overall effect… Read more

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Romance! Enjoy Our Honeymoon Suite

Why not give yourself and your new spouse an amazing treat for your honeymoon? You can do just that when you enjoy a honeymoon suite at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Not only will you be choosing Puerto Vallarta, the number one honeymoon destination in Mexico,… Read more


Personalized Wedding Vows

The planning of a wedding requires a huge amount of effort and focus, and not a small amount of decision making. There is one decision, however, that really trumps all others… one so important that it makes the cake, dress, catering, and photography seem unimportant even put together. We are,… Read more


Tips for Romance on your First Honeymoon Night

There are very few days which can stand up to your wedding day for romance and excitement, but your honeymoon night is definitely one of them, or it should be, at least. But the stress of the wedding, and all the preparation entails usually means that brides and grooms-to-be can… Read more

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Alternative Wedding Venues at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta

Destination weddings are exciting, memorable and often a lot less stressful than your everyday, garden variety home wedding. This is partly due to a naturally smaller guest list, but also because resorts like the Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta, which is located on a private 85-acre nature preserve, offer the services… Read more

How to Add Blue to your Wedding

That old English adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, sixpence in your shoe,” has really got brides everywhere in a tizz about how they can get the color blue into their wedding attire somehow. This may be because they want to uphold tradition, or because they simply… Read more