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PackagesHamara Spa Rituals

Supreme Royal Citrus Ritual 195 usd

Enjoy a unique experience with a citrus blend that will refresh and soften your skin.

  • Vitamin C Facial 60 min
  • Body Wrap C + C 60 min
  • AcupresiĆ³n de rostro y Cabeza 20 min

Memories of India Ritual 269 usd

Travel to exotic lands rich in culture and traditions finding spirituality and relaxation in these ancient meditation therapy techniques.

  • Oriental Thai Ritual 90 min
  • Hand and Foot Reflexology 60 min
  • Bamboo Exfoliation 60 min

Ancestral Mexico Ritual 299 usd

Discover the secrets of ancient Mexico and let its cultural riches envelop you in the unique sensations of relaxation and spiritual wellbeing.

  • PreHispanic Hot Stone Ritual 90 min
  • Carboxy Express Facial 30 min
  • Deluxe Chocolate Wrap 60 min

Sublime Dimond Ritual 699 usd

Designed for the bride, a perfect balance between beauty and relaxation, this is a multi-sensory experience that captivates the senses.

  • Multisensory Diamond Lifting Facial 90 min
  • Magnetic Diamond Exfoliation 60 min
  • Hamara Luxury Manicure 60 min
  • Hamara Luxury Pedicure. 60 min

Romantic Scape Ritual 399 usd

A perfect moment to share with a loved one, an experience that unites two hearts with the rhythm of life.

  • “The Cure” Deep Cleansing Facial 90 min
  • The Spa Experience Massage 60 min

Moonlight Romantic Ritual 380 usd

A romantic experience with a loved one by the light of the moon, enjoy the sound of waves as they lap upon the seashore under an infinite star filled sky. An intimate and memorable moment to unite two souls.

  • Special Romantic Moonlit Massage 90 min
  • Chocolate Strawberries
  • Bottle of Sparkling Wine
Hamara Spa

Hamara Spa at Garza BlancaBeach Specials

  • Relaxing Back Massage 30 min/45 usd
  • Holistic Relaxing Massage 50 min/65 usd
  • Holistic Relaxing Massage 80 min/85 usd
  • Shiatsu Acupressure in Chair 30 min/15 usd