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Top Fun Things to Do in Isla Mujeres

Sometimes the best and most productive thing we can do is take a much-needed vacation. Mexico is one of the favorite holiday destinations due to its spectacular beaches, year-round warm weather, and rich culture. If like many people, you decide to head to Cancun, you will not want to miss taking a trip to Isla Mujeres. There are many fun activities to do in Isla Mujeres, like diving with whale sharks, snorkeling, eating delicious food, and drinking frozen margaritas!

The Best Places to Watch American Football in Cancun

football fan who happens to be heading on vacation to Cancun and are worrying that you will miss the games, fear not! The season is full of emotions and incredible matches, and we understand that you don’t want to miss a single moment. If you have been wondering if there are any good bars in Cancun where you can watch NFL football on the big screen with a cold brewski in your hand, the answer is yes, there are! In this article we cover the best places to watch American football in Cancun, so if you are planning on visiting Cancun during football season, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. There are plenty of bars around where they show American football.

Best Places to Spend Winter in Mexico

If you are searching for the best places to spend winter to run away from cold and gray days, the perfect country to visit is Mexico. In fact, winter is the most popular season to visit as several travelers need a break from cold weather. From pristine beaches to a wide variety of colonial towns, you have several options where to warm up during the winter season – especially over Christmas.

Is Fall a Good Time to Go to Cancun?

When is a good time to go to Cancun? Cancun is famous for its glorious weather, breathtaking beaches, and thriving party scene, but when is the best time to go? A bustling and lively city, Cancun has an array of events and activities that can make it hard to know when to go. Knowing when is the best time to plan your trip is essential. Consider the following factors when planning your trip to Cancun.

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The Best Time to Travel to Cancun

The tropical paradise of Cancun is the perfect spot for vacationers looking to enjoy the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean, mouthwatering cuisine and exploring ancient Mayan ruins amidst lush green mangroves. Known for its glorious beaches and rejuvenating warm weather, it’s easy to say that the best time to travel to Cancun is anytime!

Cancun’s Playa Mujeres Neighborhood

Travel to Cancun from the United States: A Guide

Are you dreaming of palm trees, warm breezes, and swimming in the turquoise Caribbean waters of Cancun? Maybe you’re wondering if you can travel to Cancun from the US right now. The good news is that Mexico has reopened for tourism and Cancun is welcoming visitors from all over the world. Tourism is alive and well in Cancun with only limited restrictions for travel. Have a look at our tips for traveling to make your journey and holiday stress-free. So, grab your suitcase and swimsuit. Cancun is waiting for you! What Do I Need to Travel to Cancun? Air Travel from the United States to Cancun Flights Traveling by air to Cancun is by far the easiest means of travel to Cancun. Currently, there are 25 domestic direct flights to Cancun leaving from major international airports throughout the United States including: American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines all have a strong network of non-stop flights from the United States. Travel Requirements to Mexico Tourist Card for Mexico US Citizens are eligible …

When is the Mayan New Year

The Mayan Legacy in Cancun – Chichén Itzá

A world heritage site since 1988, the impressive Mayan archaeological site, Chichén Itzá in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula is one of Cancun’s most visited and best loved attractions, and rightly so. It is located in the town of Tinum and is any easy day trip from Garza Blanca Cancun where our tour agents can organize a comfortable excursion or help with directions if you wish to hire a car. Chichén Itzá is one of the most significant and best known vestiges of the Mayan civilization near Cancun, marking the decline of a sophisticated culture during what is considered the post classical period. Archeologists believe construction of the sacred site began as early as 600 AD. Today, the large pre-columbian city and ceremonial center with its imposing architecture attracts visitors and experts alike from around the world, eager to experience its mystical charm and explore what it might tell us about the evolution of modern civilization. Visitors to Chichén Itzá can explore an extensive complex of buildings, which include the main temple or castle (Kukulkan Temple) that …