Dangers of Bringing your Kids to Mexico

Dangers of Bringing your Kids to Mexico
Dangers of Bringing your Kids to Mexico
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As one of the most enchanting and diverse countries in the world, Mexico has become an obvious choice for family vacations.  Parents and children alike have discovered that heading south of the border makes for an incredible getaway for each member of the family, no matter how young or old.  Once you and your loved ones have experienced the friendly people, warm hospitality, fascinating culture, delicious food and gorgeous natural settings for yourselves, it may be difficult for you and your kids to stay away!  Read on to find out some of the other reasons that could make it “dangerous” to bring your kids to Mexico.  You have officially been warned!  

Dangers of Bringing your Kids to Mexico

  1. Your children may become fast amigos with the friendly local kids, which could lead them to beg you to visit their new friends in Mexico over and over again.  
  2. They might become hooked on water sports like surfing or stand up paddle boarding, which in turn could force you to take every family vacation in waterfront destinations around Mexico.  
  3. It is possible that their young, sponge-like brains will quickly soak up the language, putting your sad attempts at speaking Spanish to shame.
  4. If they are able to help newborn turtles find their way into the ocean for the first time, it may inspire them to become interested in marine biology.  The horror!
  5. Exploring the festive local Mexican markets, which are filled with tempting candies, trinkets, piñatas and toys will make your everyday run to the supermarket back home totally boring to them.
  6. Going snorkeling and witnessing marine creatures in their natural habitat could foster a deep love for the ocean and may cause them to care about protecting the environment.  
  7. The breathtaking sandy beaches found along the coastline will provide way too much fun and space for them to play in.
  8. The iconic skeletons and skulls that are synonymous with Día de los Muertos and important symbols to the vibrant Mexican culture may frighten your kids so badly that they will want to return again and again.  
  9. Traveling in Mexico is sure to expose your kids to the image and work of celebrated artist Frida Kahlo, which might cause them to become interested in her fascinating life and remarkable artwork.  
  10. The vibrant colors popular in Mexican culture might make such an impression on your kids that they will beg you to let them paint their room a bright hue or redecorate their space.  
  11. The festive atmosphere in Mexico, from lively mariachi music to traditional dances, might captivate your kids and cause them to completely fall in love with the rich culture of Mexico.  

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As you can see, bringing your kids to Mexico can be a dangerous thing if you think you only want to go on one vacation there because they will surely wear you down until you relent and plan the next trip to this charming country!