Blanca Blue’s New Tapas Mestizas

Blanca Blue
Blanca Blue’s New Tapas Mestizas
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Chef Mario Castro has long impressed customers with his imaginative menus which showcase the best of Mexican Avant Garde cuisine at the Blanca Blue Restaurant. This year he has unveiled his Tapas Mestizas menu which will be served next to the luxury wine cellar in the Blanca Blue Restaurant as a complement to the main menu

Tapas Mestizas at Blanca Blue Restaurant

Tapas are a delicious culinary convention which come originally from Spain and are usually bite-sized portions or larger dishes to share. The tapas experience is all about sharing and socializing, enjoying a good wine or craft beer to accompany your delicate feast. For his tapas “mestizas” choices Chef Castro has combined the idea of Spanish tapas with traditional Mexican flavors and ingredients. This is where the concept of “mestiza” comes into play. Mestizo/a is a word used commonly in Mexico to describe people who have a mix of Spanish descent and native blood, and so is a great adjective for this culinary concept which mixes Spanish techniques with Mexican charm and ingredients.

Recommendations from the tapas menu  

The Tapas Mestizas menu is a great option when you are looking for something more casual than sitting down to a full meal, or you want to have something light to eat with a few cocktails amongst great company. You many even decide to whet your appetite while you wait for a table to open up at Blanca Blue Restaurant.

Here are some highlights from the menu:

Pulpo a La Brasas

Grilled octopus and delicious mashed potatoes.

Blanca Blue

Camarones al Guajillo

Shrimp cooked with garlic and chillies.

Blanca Blue

Garra de Leon

Scallops with a subtle cauliflower puree.

Blanca Blue


Roasted vegetables served on bread with blue cheese.

Blanca Blue

Carne Adobada

Marinated steak served in a warm bread roll with caramelized onions.

Blanca Blue

Other dishes include recipes including mussels, tuna, and chorizo. Tapas Mestizas is perfect for those classy, relaxed evenings in Puerto Vallarta when you want a light and tasty meal.