Chef Bricio Domínguez Joins Hecho en Mexico

Chef Bricio Domínguez Joins Hecho en Mexico
Chef Bricio Domínguez Joins Hecho en Mexico
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Joining us at Garza Blanca for the festivities and celebrations of Hecho en Mexico 2017 (Made in Mexico), renowned chef, Bricio Domínguez, will be serving up treats as our special guest chef.

Chef Bricio Domínguez was born in the Mexican city of Toluca, although he made his name as chef in the state of Guanajuato where he opened his first first restaurant, “El Jardín de los Milagros” (The Garden of Miracles) in Guanajuato city and later two more restaurants in the picturesque city of San Miguel de Allende, Nextia and 13 Cielos (13 Skies).

Mexican fusion

Having always been in love with cooking since he was a boy, Chef Bricio’s passion for the art of cuisine can be savored in his avant garde dishes that are full of vibrant colors and distinctive aromas, where he takes exquisite care over the selection and preparation of ingredients. His recipes are distinguished by their respect for traditional Mexican cooking including pre-Hispanic dishes while fusing elements of world cuisine for unique culinary experiences, presented as though they were delicate works of art.

Family man

The talent and inquisitive spirit that defines Chef Bricio is captivating, so much so that he has passed on his passion to his sons who join him in the kitchen and can be seen working alongside the chef in his restaurants.

Hecho en Mexico

Special Menus

It is with great honor and excitement that Garza Blanca Resort & Spa welcomes Chef Bricio to Hecho en Mexico where he will be serving two special menus, showcasing his talents at BocaDos STK and Blanca Blue Restaurant:

  •    May 19th – BocaDos STK
  •    May 21 – Blanca Blue 

($750 pesos for 1 or $1,200 pesos for two. Reservation required)