Restaurant Week Featured Puerto Vallarta

restaurant-week-puerto-vallartaMay sees the return of one of Puerto Vallarta’s favorite culinary events, Restaurant Week 2014 from May 15 through May 31, which you have probably already worked out is in fact two weeks.
This year, Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week celebrates its 10th Anniversary and is set for another mouthwatering display of menus at affordable prices.
The way that Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week works is that top local restaurants offer delicious set menus at accessible prices for both local residents and visitors to showcase their dishes and widen their scope of clientele.

There are many visitors who come to Puerto Vallarta in May precisely for this reason, to take advantage of the amazing gastronomical selection on offer during this time. In fact the celebrated gastronomy event was first introduced as a strategic measure to extend Puerto Vallarta’s high season before the cyclical slump during the hot summer months and it has proven to be a pivotal event to attract visitors.

The fixed prices for this year’s 10th Anniversary event have already been announced and will be $199 and $299 pesos, not including drinks and tips. Restaurants included in Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week will display a large sign listing all the other restaurants taking part in the event and menus will be published on the official Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week website.

As of yet, a definitive list of the restaurants involved and their menus have not been publicized, but if past years are anything to go by, 2014 is sure to be another delightful encounter for the tastebuds.