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New Menus at Blanca Blue and Bocados Steak House

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

When you book a vacation at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta or at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos, you can look forward to luxury accommodation with contemporary decor, a wide array of amenities, a world-class spa, and impeccable service. What’s more, these resorts offer the best culinary experiences full of flavors. Blanca Blue and Bocados Steak House are pleased to present new menus that will excite your taste buds.

Garza Blanca offers three different gourmet restaurant choices for guests with the option to purchase our Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive plan or room only plan. To take advantage of all the mouthwatering cuisine, we recommend opting for the all-inclusive plan. Guests can enjoy mouthwatering steaks at Bocados Steak House, innovative Mexican cuisine at Blanca Blue, and Asian flavors at Hiroshi.

Hiroshi has introduced new special dishes of the week, so guests can experience more creative dishes in addition to the already amazing menu.

New Breakfast Menu at Blanca Blue

New Breakfast Menu at Blanca Blue

Blanca Blue has recently introduced new breakfast and dinner menus.

The breakfast menu is now more extensive, since we have switched from a breakfast buffet to an a-la-carte menu. We are in the process of setting up chef assisted buffet stations, which should be finished by November. These stations will offer freshly baked bread, omelettes, and more. Rather than serving yourself, chefs will be there to serve you.

In the meantime, guests of Garza Blanca, are going to be wowed by all the fabulous new breakfast options, which are totally worth getting up early for.

For a healthy, light breakfast before getting active, we recommend the Blanca Blue Sunrise breakfast consisting of delicious house granola, Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit.

If you have time for a leisurely breakfast, we recommend the Tafer Croisant, a favorite among our guests, with egg frittata, spinach, tomato, salmon, and sour curd. Another great choice is the Aztec Crepe, filled with eggs, sausages, and squash bloom. The crepe is topped with a cheesy sauce.

If your preference is traditional eggs, you can order them any style whether fried, scrambled or poached. You can also order a tailor-made omelette with your choice of the freshest ingredients.

The menu also includes several great tradition Mexican breakfast dishes including Chilaquiles and Enfrijoladas.

For a healthy beverage, Blanca Blue has a specialty Smoothie menu full of flavor, and packed with vitamins.

New Dinner Menu at Blanca Blue

New Dinner Menu at Blanca Blue

Blanca Blue’s new dinner menu is full to the brim with outstanding cuisine. The layout of the menu has been changed and the chefs have come up with a new menu concept, combining classical dishes with innovative preparations. The menu options are now differentiated and have been divided into 6 distinct categories including: Appetizers, Signature Soups, Prehispanic Traditions, Market Food, Grandmother’s Traditions and Specialties. Each category offers specialized cuisine, so you can order exactly what you’re in the mood for.

Start your evening, with a superb appetizer, the Mexican Delight. This vegetarian dish translates into a perfect starter for your evening with incredible flavor and spicy aromas.

This dish consists of spicy mushrooms, fried cheese, grilled zucchini, and paddle cactus. The fried cheese and zucchini are perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The plate is dotted with a flavorful peanut dip. The chef recommends trying all ingredients separately and then tasting them all together for a wonderful taste explosion that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Next comes our selection of heartwarming soups. When in Mexico, you can never go wrong with Tortilla soup, creamy, crunchy and comforting, with just the right amount of spice. If you are a seafood lover, you will also love the Seafood Bisque, an elegant cream soup, made with chayote spheres and lemon caviar.

To step back in time and sample what the Aztecs used to eat, our chefs created authentic dishes that showcase the traditions and flavors of the pre-Hispanic culture.

Try the Tuna Ceviche with squash seed puree, hibiscus powder and avocado playing off marinated cucumber and serrano pepper. Served on a tostada to combine all the flavors. Featuring ocean-fresh tuna.

The new menu gives you the option to try market food without leaving the comfort of the resort. Try the Seasonal Mushroom Sope, a popular dish found in Mexican food markets, consisting of refried beans and creamy mushrooms served on a crunchy tortilla bed with Panela cheese. Simple, yet exquisite.

As you delight in the chefs’ gastronomic wizardry throughout the night, there are few dishes that will warm your soul as much as our Grandmother’s Traditions. A delicious representation of a grandmother’s love. Each chef’s take on this brings a deep meaning to these dishes.

The Pork and Tomatillo Stew sets a high bar for the other dishes to live up to. This wholesome dish consists of pork belly slow cooked for 12 hours at 80 degrees in juices and a combination of spices. This smoky, sturdy pork belly is a combination of meat and fat, making it perfectly tender. Food for the soul. Served with beans and garnished with radishes and serrano peppers.

Duck Crackling and Mole is a great option from our Specialties section. It is fusion cuisine with Mexico’s version of duck preparation, prepared like carnitas (pulled pork) accompanied with mole, a traditional Mexican sauce. The duck is slow cooked resulting in incredibly tender and juicy meat. The mole is prepared with 50 different ingredients and spices. Served with potato chips, carrots, and plantain tortillas.

For this dish, the chef also recommends to try everything separate and then together to allow the flavors to complement each other resulting in a multisensory dining experience.

Lastly, you will not want to miss the beautifully rendered BUÑUELO FRITTER, a dessert of Spanish origin, that has become popular in Mexico, especially during Easter.

The fritter is made of wheat cracker and topped with white chocolate ice-cream and red berries. You’re in for a sweet treat.

Blanca Blue’s new dishes are a showcase of Mexico’s culinary traditions and a bold food statement. You will not want to miss trying them.

Bocados Steak House Presents a New Dinner Menu

Bocados STK Presents a New Dinner Menu

Bocados Steak House restaurant is pleased to present its new elaborate dinner menu with the addition of dry-aged steaks, risotto, pastas and more. The new menu options are brimming with exquisite food artistry and packed with flavor.

The dry-aged cuts of beef are aged from 30 to 50 days. Guests can select from premium cuts of dry-aged chops including: Rib Eye, Bone-in Rib Eye, Cowboy and Porterhouse steaks. The new dry aging process brings new meaning to the word tender and you will be amazed by the succulent texture and taste.

If you have never tried dry-aged steaks before, the chef recommends ordering them medium rare or medium. If you are accustomed to ordering your steaks well done, with the dry-aging process they come out differently and the meat will come out tough.

The steaks are perfectly seasoned, and don’t require any additional sauce, but if you feel like being adventurous, try smothering them with our signature Bocados sauce or add a touch of smoked plantain leaf, sea salt or oregano, additional seasonings that are brought to your table.

When choosing a side, try our delicious grilled asparagus, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. For velvety perfection, you will love our garlic mashed potatoes. Our newest side addition is the Argentine Roasted Chorizo, you may want to try that too!

Mussels Alla Sorentina is our newest Appetizer, an Italian cuisine classic that takes you to the Sorrento Coast. Served with garlic bread, this warming seafood dish is made with fresh mussels from Baja California, and a flavorful tomato sauce made with shallots, white wine, and garlic.

The entrées menu now includes risotto, pastas, and pork ribs.

Guests can select from two different types of fluffy risotto with Arborio rice, Parmesan cheese, butter and a choice of either mushrooms or asparagus.

We have added a great selection of pastas including: Spaghetti, Penne, Tagliatelle, Linguine, Rigatoni and Mini Tortellini accompanied with the sauce of your preference between Pomodora, Ragu or Arrabiata.

Pork Ribs are another new option. They are slow cooked for 8 hours and come either spicy with chili flakes, soy sauce, and ginger or are prepared BBQ Bourbon Style, depending on your preference.

For dessert, we recommend the Panna Cotta, a delicate creamy lemon flavor that leaves a soft freshness in your mouth, served with an almond biscuit. For chocolate lovers, you can’t miss the Chocolate Fondant, a volcano of chocolatey goodness. It’s a deliciously satisfying end to any meal!

The extravagant dishes mentioned above are fit for the gods and go above and beyond traditional menu items, promising guests an unforgettable dining experience in a spectacular setting.

So there you have it: the ultimate guide to our best new dishes. You have to try them during your next visit!


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