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Preparing for Omakase – July and August

Preparing for Omakase - July and August

Hiroshi Japanese restaurant located within the lush setting of the Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta is preparing for its 2017 edition of OMAKASE, which will feature a chef’s table experience for guests and locals alike.  Hot off of the heels of last year’s impressive success during the debut of OMAKASE, this year’s presentation will allow diners the chance to experience a distinctive style of dining that can be enjoyed during every alternate weekend in the months of July and August.  

Letting the Chef Take Charge

In Japanese culture, the word “omakase” refers to a special dining experience provided by the master chef, who will create a phenomenal meal which consists of several courses all carefully selected to surprise and delight the palates of everyone in attendance.  The OMAKASE chef’s table experience at Hiroshi will be no different, during which time the restaurant will host an acclaimed chef every two weeks.  Outstanding Japanese cuisine will take center stage during this special event where hotel guests and local residents alike can indulge their taste buds in a truly extraordinary multi-course meal.  

Masters of Japanese Cuisine

Every other week throughout the months of July and August 2017, Hiroshi will welcome four different guest chefs who will wow diners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.  You can be sure that this year’s OMAKASE event will have the gastronomic talents of these gifted chefs (hailing from some of the top Japanese restaurants in the U.S.) on full display.  

Masters of Japanese Cuisine

Chef Carlos Leyva, head chef of Hiroshi, is looking forward to another successful event during which he will collaborate with the visiting chefs.  Considering the immense skills and knowledge of Japanese cuisine that each chef possesses, there is no doubt that 2017’s OMAKASE is set to amaze with a dizzying variety of scrumptious flavors, aromas, textures and visual presentation fit for a proper Japanese feast!

Take a look at this year’s OMAKASE dates:

Chef Hiroshi Shima: July 6 – July 8

Chef Mitsuo Endo:  July 20 – July 22

Chef Sunny Oh: August 3 – August 5

Chef Oscar Gonzalez: August 17 – August 19

Specials to Complement the regular menu

In addition to its regular menu, Hiroshi will also feature other delectable dishes created by each visiting chef available for a limited time, presented each Thursday and served until the next chef arrives.  That way, it is possible for diners to get a taste of the guest chef’s creations no matter which day of the week it is.  

Last year’s OMAKASE was a such an amazing success that we are really excited about what this year will bring,” remarked Hotel Mousai’s Experience Manager, Miriam Vazquez. “The guest chefs are so incredibly inventive and talented, bringing a wealth of experience and creativity to share with diners as well as sharing their secrets with our culinary team at Hiroshi restaurant.

Set to begin on Thursday, July 6th and continuing until August 22nd, 2017’s OMAKASE event is poised to treat you to the finest Japanese dining experience of your life!  You won’t want to miss this incredible chance to take part in OMAKASE on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings every other week, as well as other specialties served every day of the week.