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Check out the events at Garza Blanca beach resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos, from cultural to gourmet events, wellness to fashion, there’s something for everyone.

Chef’s Table Omakase 2018

Chef’s Table Omakase 2018

The third annual Omakase event returns this October 2 – 6, at Hiroshi Japanese Gourmet restaurant in the prestigious Hotel Mousai located on the Garza Blanca Preserve. Each year prominent Master Sushi Chefs are invited to co-create alongside Resident Head Chef, Carlos Leyva to invent a unique and unforgettable culinary moment. This year the esteemed Master Chef Hiroshi Shima of Sushi Roku, Hollywood, has accepted the challenge to take Asian fusion to new levels. This innovative gastronomy is cultivated from the premise of “omakase,” a Japanese word that holds the meaning “to trust in someone.” It is a common descriptor on menus throughout Japan’s high-end restaurants leaving the meal selection in the hands of the chef as diners choose to trust their selections. This style of culinary freedom allows expert chefs to choose from the freshest and most available ingredients and gives them the creativity to pioneer the moment and serve up something truly exceptional.   You are invited to an exclusive dining extravaganza on the nights of October 4, 5 and 6 where only …

Hecho en México Regresa a Garza Blanca

Hecho en Mexico Returning to Garza Blanca

Family-friendly Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, together with neighboring adults-only Hotel Mousai, is gearing up for another successful Hecho en Mexico (Made in Mexico) event this May. This annual celebration honors Mexico’s charming and vibrant culture with a range of happenings that bring the vibrant customs and traditions of this enchanting country to life. Come and join the festivities and see firsthand why Hecho en Mexico is a can’t-miss event in Puerto Vallarta each year. Hecho en Mexico Returning in May 2018 Even though the specific details regarding the Hecho en Mexico event this year have not been divulged just yet, guests and members at Garza Blanca will be happy to find out that the celebration will be taking place throughout the month of May, following in the footsteps of last year’s terrific success. Guests and members of Garza Blanca Resort & Spa as well as Hotel Mousai will have the chance to check out an amazing variety of artisanal products in the Lobby at Garza Blanca every weekend during the month of May. You …


Food Lovers Experience – Peru-Mexico Fusion

Food Lovers Experience – Peru-Mexico Fusion November 18th, 2016 BocaDos STK Restaurant 6pm-11pm For our guests who define themselves as avid meat lovers or those who simply love to savor a great cut of meat, guest chef Yerika Muñoz will be joining our very own chef Alvaro Cortes at BocaDos STK to take your taste buds on an exquisite journey of the senses. Chef Yerika Muños from the renowned Mexico City restaurant Astrid & Gaston unites her expertise in Peruvian cuisine with the passion of Chef Alvaro Cortes to create an authentic culinary work of art that will showcase “anticuchos” and fine cuts of meat to delight your palate.   For reservations: or Phone: 322 176 0710 ext. 6200

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GOURMET FESTIVAL INSPIRED MENUS Throughout the duration of the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival, guests and local residents will be able to savor special menus creatively crafted by our guest chefs in addition to our usual tempting menus. Hiroshi Restaurant – Chef Jags Aldaba   November 11th – November 20th 6pm – 11pm Chef Jags Aldaba will be offering a special menu at Hiroshi Restaurant from November 11th through November 20th to complement the delicacies on the menu prepared by Chef Carlos Leyva.     Blanca Blue Restaurant – Chef Rurik Salazar   November 11th – November 15th 6pm – 11pm At Blanca Blue restaurant, Chef Rurik Salazar will be joining our very own avant garde chef, Mario Castro from November 11th through November 15th where you will be able to choose between a special menu by Salazar or Castro’s culinary creations.     Blanca Blue Restaurant – Chef Yerika Muñoz   November 16th – November 20th 6pm – 11pm During this time guests and local residents will have the chance to meet Chef Yerika Muñoz …

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Omakase with Chef Jags Aldaba

Omakase with Chef Jags Aldaba November 19th, 2016 Hiroshi Restaurant 6pm-11pm $1,500 pesos Allow one of the best sushi chefs from the world renowned barMasa restaurant in Las Vegas to inspire your palate like never before. Chef Jags Aldaba returns to Hiroshi once again to present a curated contemporary menu set to delight all the senses. Accompanied by live music, Omakase with Chef Jags Aldaba will be a night worth putting in your calendar. Sake pairing also available. · FIRST COURSE · Soft Shell Crab Salad Mixed Greens with Ginger Vinaigrette And Creamy Yuzu Tofu with White Truffle · SECOND COURSE · Salmon Tartar Served with a Jalapeño Semi Sweet Vinaigrette · THIRD COURSE · Clear Lobster Tempura Roll Mango, Curry, Garlic, Masago and Coriander · FOURTH COURSE · Rib Eye Fillet Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and Miso infusión Demi Glace · DESSERT · Soba Ice Cream For reservations: or Phone: 322 176 0710 ext. 6200

Food Lovers

Gourmet Guest Chefs Set to Delight Food Lovers

With Puerto Vallarta’s Gourmet Festival just around the corner set to delight the taste buds of visitors and locals alike from November 10th through November 20th, at Garza Blanca we are putting the final touches on the gourmet events that will take place at the resort’s restaurants. Take a look below at all the incredible culinary temptations waiting for you. Food Lovers Experience – Orange Deck November 14th, 2016 The Orange Deck 7pm-9pm $800 pesos ($450 All Inclusive guests) Hotel guests and local residents are invited to enjoy the culinary creations of guest chefs, Rurik Salazar from the Bayan Tree in Acapulco, Mexico and Jags Aldaba from barMASA restaurant in Las Vegas, USA while enjoying the blissful setting of the Orange Deck. These celebrated chefs will be joined by our very own talent, Chef Carlos Leyva from Hiroshi Restaurant, Chef Mario Castro from Blanca Blue, Chef Alvaro Cortez from BocaDos STK and Marcelo Vega our sweet-toothed pastry chef. To the sounds of live music, together this medley of creative gastronomes will serve up an experience …

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Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival 2016

Gearing up to celebrate the joy and excitement that gourmet global cuisine can deliver, Puerto Vallarta, along with the neighboring areas of Riviera Nayarit and Tepic, welcomes the 22nd International Gourmet Festival, during which Hiroshi Restaurant and Blanca Blue will be participating this year. Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival Established in 1995 by gastronomic masterminds Chef Thierry Blouet and Chef Heinz Reize, and later joined by Chef Roland Menetrey in 2000, the festival was created as a way to draw attention to the ever-growing gourmet food scene in the amazing vacation destination.  This also raised the bar on culinary standards, and more local chefs began to implement avant-garde techniques and further develop their own unique signature through their food.  The region is now exceedingly proud to be a culinary destination in its own right, drawing foodies from all over the world to experience the mouthwatering cuisine and warm Mexican hospitality the area is know for. Participating Hotels and Restaurants The first Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival featured just six hotels and six independent restaurants and has grown …

Festival Gourmet Puerto Vallarta

Join Us for Puerto Vallarta’s International Gourmet Festival

It’s time once again to welcome the culinary event of the year in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, the International Gourmet Festival, November 16th to November 22nd. In the 21st edition of the acclaimed gourmet festival, organizers and chefs, Thierry Blouet, Heinz Reize and Roland Menetrey bring a host of taste bud sizzling events to make our mouths water. If you are a guest at Garza Blanca Resort during the festival, you will be able to enjoy the culinary creations of guest chefs, Carlos Leyva and José Alfredo Bazán who will be participating in the International Gourmet Festival at the resort’s restaurants, Hiroshi and BocaDos STK respectively. Chef Carlos Leyva, will be preparing a delicious tasting menu of Japanese fusion options throughout the festival at Hiroshi restaurant, while chef José Alfredo Bazán will be leading the team at BocaDos STK with succulent fine cuts and tasty meaty bites to share. For help organizing and reserving your place at any of the events included in the International Gourmet Festival program speak to the concierge or go …

Day of the Dead Meets Halloween in Puerto Vallarta

Day of the Dead Meets Halloween in Puerto Vallarta

Garza Blanca Resort in Mexico’s friendliest destination, Puerto Vallarta, is the perfect location to celebrate the Day of the Dead and Halloween. At Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa, the two events will be combined in one celebration held on October 31 this year that includes dining, drinking, dancing, partying, and all types of activities. But what do you know about Mexico’s Day of the Dead? And how does it compare to Halloween? El Día de Muertos – November 2nd November 2nd rather than October 31st is when Mexico’s Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos is celebrated. This is a way that Mexicans can pay tribute and honor those loved ones who have passed away. Altars are created and decorated with a variety of items that include sugar skulls, marigolds, photographs and candles, complemented with bottles of their favorite drinks, and food. When you are visiting Mexico during this time you can see the altars in schools, churches, cemeteries, and in homes too. This is the time that friends and family members get …

All Things Mexican at Garza Blanca

“Made in Mexico” – All Things Mexican at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta is set to host “Made in Mexico”, a special program of events designed to honor the very best of Mexican culture.  For six days, from September 11th to the 16th, guests of the luxurious resort will have the opportunity to attend a series of activities and presentations that will culminate in a spectacular Independence Day celebration, while the whole month of September will offer special Mexican menus as well as tequila and mescal tastings for a definitively Mexican flavor. The Event Resort staff, headed by Resident Manager of Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta and Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta, have been planning the event for quite some time. “We are having so much fun organizing Made in Mexico”, said, of their efforts, “there is so much talent in Mexico that I am looking forward to sharing with our guests.” The concentration of events from September 11th to the 16th will complement a month-long celebration of all things Mexican, and will see the likes of various Mexican musicians and DJs …