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10 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

There are few nights that are as exciting as New Year’s Eve. It is a night full of sparkles, glamour, ball drops, and countdowns. Before the clock strikes midnight, people all over the world prepare to say goodbye to the previous year and look towards the new year with hopeful optimism to bring fresh starts and even more happiness. Deciding on the best way to celebrate can be difficult, but if you are thinking about ringing in 2022 in an amazing place, plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico, since there are so many fantastic celebrations going on.

Family at the airport

There are many fun ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico, actually too many great ways. Let’s start our countdown with our top 10 ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico and all are sure to give you experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Mexico City

 New Year’s Eve in Mexico City

Just like any capital city, should you choose to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 in Mexico City, you are guaranteed entertainment on every corner or street you will be. The historic places are quite prevalent for local culinary delights and delicious drinks, so we recommend that you make a restaurant reservation and partake in authentic Mexican traditions for New Year’s Eve like eating 12 grapes at midnight and making a wish with each grape for every month of the new year for good luck.

Surf It, Oaxaca

New Year’s Eve in Mexico, Oaxaca

What was once an undiscovered gem of the Oaxaca coast is now a surfer’s mecca. From the bustling Puerto Escondido, to the more secluded Santa María Huatulco, you will find water activities and celebrations that are sure to make you wanna surf right into 2022. Don’t let the laid-back vibes of this destination trick you, on New Year’s Eve this sleeping beauty wakes up and you can find parties and fireworks displays all along the coast.

All White Boat Party, Cancun

New Year’s Eve in Cancun

The legendary Cancun. Possibly the number 1 place to party on the east coast of the Americas. It is with no surprise that you will find some of the best events and parties to celebrate New Year’s Eve, such as the NYE 2022 All White Boat Party Cancun. Where the only requirement is to wear all white and bring enough energy to party from 10:00 pm right through 2:00 am.

Break a Bowl, Oaxaca City

New Year’s Eve in Oaxaca

Ever break a plate unwillingly? Don’t worry, many of us have been there, not the best feeling. But ever break a plate willingly? Invigorating, to say the least. In this city, one of the best traditions to celebrate New Year’s Eve is to order a buñuelo, a Mexican fried dough covered in cinnamon, which is served in a ceramic bowl, which upon finishing you will throw over your head while making a wish for the new year and start 2022 off right. By the way, make sure the coast is clear before the toss, you don’t want to end someone’s 2021 on a bad note.

Olas Altas, Puerto Vallarta

New Year’s Eve in Cancun Puerto Vallarta, México

The starting point of the New Year’s Eve celebrations for many in Puerto Vallarta. In this area of the city, you will find many street parties, live music, and bars to get your first cheers in before you head towards the main strip. Olas Altas is situated within the historic center of the city, so you are sure to have an authentic Mexican experience. This location is also one of the friendliest and preferred destinations for the LGBTQ+ community and you will find many nightclubs to fulfill any experience you seek.

Witness Fireworks in Paradise, Los Cabos

New Year’s Eve in México, Los Cabos

Los Cabos, or for many, paradise on earth. Watch the fireworks on the beach in this picturesque tropical heaven and be sure to experience an electric display of colors. We recommend Playa el Médano as you will find many parties on this beach. By the way, if you bring your own bottle of bubbly, check out the Mexican way of drinking a glass of it for this occasion. Drop a gold ring in it and before you finish it give your loved ones a hug. This will bring you good fortune in love and money. And of course, be cautious not to swallow your wedding ring, your wife might question where it is.

Zócalo, Mexico City

New Year’s Eve in Mexico

Mexico’s largest square. When the clock strikes midnight here, you will be attending a big celebration with live music, spectacular firework displays, television stations reporting live, and an atmosphere that will raise every hair on your body and have every muscle twitching to the Latino music in the air. Definitely a must if you want to party like it’s 2022, it will be after all.

Marigalante Pirate Ship, Puerto Vallarta

The Marigalante in Puerto Vallarta

One of the best view points to witness the fireworks around Banderas Bay on New Year’s Eve. This is probably one the most entertaining ways to end your 2021. You will be able to dance like a Pirate, feast on a delicious 4-course meal, and witness sword fights all while enjoying the views of the celebrations along the Malecon.

First Rays of Light 2022, Playa Del Carmen

Visit Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a Caribbean jewel that in recent years has become home to some of the best nightclubs. In Playa, parties are probably the easiest thing to find, so the only hard part will be choosing which one you will want to attend to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Whichever lucky club you may choose, make sure to head to the beachfront after your night out along with the many who will be waiting there to catch the first glimpse of the sun’s rays of 2022, while, of course, keeping the party going.

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos

Garza Blanca Los Cabos, among the best hotels in Mexico

Scrumptious buffet dinner on the beach with a bonfire, live rock music by the fantastic “Voilá Music“ from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am, and a DJ ready to have you testing your best dance moves on the sand, yes Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos wants you to feel the energy of the location, so the beach is your dance floor, and at midnight they have planned a spectacular fireworks display that will stay with you forever. We can easily say that this might be the best idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mexico. Should you wish to have a fine dining 5-star gourmet experience the resort’s Hiroshi restaurant will be open on New Year’s Eve.

Now Start Your Countdown

One thing is for sure, the countdown has started for you to make sure you will get your ocean view room or ticket for the party you wish to attend, so stop dreaming and get moving, 2021 is not going to wait for you much longer. Have fun! And remember to drink responsibly.

We wish you a joyful and prosperous new year!


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