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Best Father’s Day Gifts 2021

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

With Father’s Day a few months away, you still have plenty of time to think of the perfect gift for your dad that expresses your love and admiration for him. It’s an opportunity to give back and make him feel like the world’s greatest dad but alas, it can be hard to think of thoughtful gift. After all, how can you truly say thank you to such an important person in your life? Luckily, due to the beautiful nature of a father, they will love and value whatever you gift them. The price or worth isn’t what matters to them. If you’re stuck on ideas, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas for Father’s Day gifts for this year that work with every budget and every type of dad!

1. Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

gerber dime multi tool

The Gerber Dime Multi-Tool is the ultimate gadget featuring an impressive list of useful tools such as a bottle opener, a wire cutter, spring loaded scissors, flat-head screwdriver, and a plain edge blade. It’s lightweight, compact, and is mini so it fits perfectly into a pocket. It’s a great gift idea for the dad who loves to show off his handy gadgets!

2. The Maison Lambert Black Edition – Beard Grooming Kit

the maison lambert black edition

A great gift for dads who rock beards! This French luxury beard kit is one of the best beard kits around supplying an array of well-designed and prime quality grooming supplies to keep one of the man´s most prized features in top-notch condition: the beard. The products are made with 99% organic ingredients, limited use of DHT blocking oils, and an incredible scent! The beard care products in the kit include organic beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo and come with stainless steel scissors and comb all nicely packaged in a toiletry bag.

3. Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer

jack black double duty face moisturizer

Say ¨I love you¨ with this generous moisturizer that is safe for all skin types and offers ample SPF 20 protection and deep-working moisturizing elements. It contains numerous antioxidants and vitamins, which will benefit the health and look of your father’s skin. It’s the ideal all-in-one solution for the dad who doesn’t enjoy a full skincare routine.

4. An All-Inclusive Vacation to Puerto Vallarta

all inclusive vacation at garza blanca

Surprise your jet-setting dad with a luxury tropical retreat at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! The stunning and contemporary beachfront resort features all that is needed to ensure your dad enjoys himself to the maximum, including a world-class spa, an outdoor tennis court, three outdoor pools with concierge service, and three gourmet restaurants.

If he fancies taking a break from relaxing at the pool with a cocktail or beer, he can take a look at the weekly activity schedule, which is packed full of adventure, ranging from snorkeling and kayaking at Los Arcos to tequila tastings and hiking tours. The beautiful destination of Puerto Vallarta also offers plenty of things to do. It will be a wonderful trip that he won´t ever forget.

5. A New Duffel Bag

new duffel bag

Never underestimate the use and value of a decent duffel bag! Your dad will love this gift if he’s always on the move. A duffel bag is perfect to haul spare clothes, shoes, and other items around, especially if your dad likes to exercise regularly or commutes to and from work each day. They’re also great as hand luggage on a plane or to use in the car during a long car journey!

6. An Elegant Perfume

elegant perfume

The right perfume has the power to make a man feel confident, strong, and able! Treat your dad to an elegant perfume that’ll put a stride in his step and make him stand out from the crowd! There are various male perfumes out there offering different scents and accents, so ensure you spend time browsing your dad’s old perfume bottles to get an idea of what he likes before heading out to the store.

7. Anker PowerCore 20

anker powercore

A portable charger is one of the handiest gifts that a man can receive. The Anker PowerCore 20 is one of the hottest gadgets right now with raving reviews regarding its fast and incredible charging capability. To give you an idea of its power, the high capacity power bank has a 4.8A output and has the ability to fully charge an iPhone 11 around 7 times or the Galaxy S8 around 5 times before it needs to be recharged. This is one of our top picks for Father’s Day gifts this year!

8. Mr. Beer Golden Ale Complete Beer Making Kit

mr been golden ale

This beer making kit is sure to provide hours of fun and craft beer for the beer loving dad! You can help him brew his own beer using this easy-to-follow kit that supplies everything that is needed. The Mr. Beer kit is designed for first-time brewers and offers a fast brewing process. Your dad can brew up his own batch in under 30 minutes thanks to the hopped Malt extract included in the kit. The kit comes with bottles, features reusable equipment, and provides a great introduction to the beer brewing world!

9. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager

There is so much power behind a good foot massage. It helps one feel relaxed, re-energized, and calm. It’s the perfect gift to help your dad relax and unwind from a busy day! Surprise him with the Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager, which uses a Shiatsu kneading technique to offer relaxation and provide pain relief! It’s simple to use, features advanced technology and has a wide range of massaging options. Your dad can select the intensity from gentle to strong, opt for heat therapy, rolling massage, or adjust the base for use on his calves. It´s one of the best Father’s Day gifts for self-care and pain relief.

10. Personalized Phone Case

personalized phone case

Nothing exudes class and elegance in a man quite like a tastefully personalized phone case. You can pick the material and color that you think your dad will like best, such as brown faux lather or black suede, and have their initials or ‘best dad’ imprinted using their favorite color! It’s a great personalized gift idea that will get lots of use!

We hope you found inspiration from our list of ideas for Father’s Day gifts and that you find that perfect gift to spoil your dad! It’s such a special day that isn’t only about a gift, but also about celebrating everything that your dad is!


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