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Family Fun – Building Sand Castles

Family Fun - Building Sand Castles

There is no childhood beach activity more beloved than building sand castles, which isn’t surprising in the least.  Constructing sand castles can provide hours of entertainment and offers families plenty of bonding time together in a beautiful setting.  This simple pleasure takes little more than a bucket, shovel, sand and some imagination.  Many people’s most cherished memories of when they were young include this endearing ritual because it involved the people they love the most.  If you are ready to create special new memories with your own children, or anyone you may be traveling with for that matter, follow these tips for the most epic sand castle designs ever:

Teamwork is Essential

Assemble a group of friends and family members and set to work on your sand castle.  Depending on how ambitious you’re all feeling, you may want to assign a leader.  Outline the plan of your design and have everyone tackle a portion they feel comfortable with.  Working as a team builds character and can be a whole lot of fun, too.   

Teamwork is Essential

Location and Conditions Matter

Ideally, you can locate an unoccupied stretch on the beach where you can set up shop.  This will allow you to have adequate space to work without disturbing any neighboring beachgoers.  A sunny day without the threat of rain or wind is the perfect climate for building a sandcastle masterpiece.

Sand Type is Important

Fine sand has a texture that is easier to work with than coarser sand.  You also need sand that is wet, but as anyone who has built a sand castle too close to the shore knows, it’s only a matter of time before your artwork is taken down by a wave.  To avoid that tragic outcome, you will need to carry some water from the sea to your chosen work space away from the shoreline to wet down the sand so that it sticks together.

It All Starts With a Solid Foundation

If you want to build a strong sand castle, you must begin by creating a solid foundation that you construct in small layers of sand.  Each layer should be adequately wet without giving it the chance to dry out before you add on the next one.  Make sure the sand is as compact as you can possibly get it before moving onto the next layer.   

It All Starts With a Solid Foundation

Watch it Take Shape

After you have built a solid mountain of wet sand, you can begin to mold it with tools such as brushes, knife or shovel edges, or even cookie cutters.  This is where you can let your creativity shine through!  Make sure you wet the sand as you shape it.  Stay away from extremely narrow designs because they are likely to collapse.  The whole family will learn that it takes teamwork and patience to accomplish things.  You can scour the beach together to find some finishing touches such as seashells, driftwood, flowers or other found objects that will make your sandcastle truly unique.  

Your entire family will have a blast spending time together as you all get in touch with your artistic sides while building sand castles!