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Get Fit! Get on a Paddleboard

Get on a Paddleboard

It’s no secret that your level of fitness is crucial to many aspects of life including your energy levels, stamina, weight, and physical capabilities. While the best way to increase fitness and manage weight might seem to be joining a gym, dieting rigorously, or using home fitness DVD’s you should really be considering the kinds of activities that you will find fun and stimulating. Stand up paddle boarding is a perfect example of the kind of activity that you might consider as it’s entertaining as well as good exercise. Here’s what we love about SUP…

  1. Tone Muscle and Lose Unwanted Pounds

There are few ways to burn so many calories, shed unwanted pounds with speed, and tone your body overall that are as fun and easy as stand up paddle boarding. For enthusiasts of this pass-time, getting in a good workout is exhilarating and fun… what’s more you’ll be toning your full body while you get some rays and enjoy the sea breeze. You’ll most likely be surprised by how effortless the whole thing feels, and how you start to feel more powerful pretty quickly. This is a great way to tone muscles and lose body fat.

  1. Improve your Cardiovascular Health One Stroke at a Time

Believe it or not, despite being a gentle form of exercise, SUP is a really good way to up your cardiovascular fitness and endurance due to the intense full body workout which it provides. By activating your core muscles it helps you to burn fat and works your cardiovascular system in a gentle, but thorough way. Paddle boarding literally fights of heart disease one stroke at a time, and if there’s any better reason for taking part in an activity than an enriched and lengthened life then we can’t think of it.

  1. Relieve Stress

Stress is one of the main factors in many mental and physical illnesses which really lower the quality of our lives, and this is why it’s so important that we minimize the stress in our day to day lives. Not only does SUP relieve undesirable stress by allowing for a physical release of tension, but it puts you in a relaxed and tranquil environment full of fresh air and natural light.

  1. A Social Affair

You can also get your fill of social therapy by going paddle boarding with friends, family, or your significant other. Whether this is a leisurely paddle, or a competitive race it’s a great way to lift your spirits and have some fun together. This is a really great way to bond with your loved ones while taking care of yourself physically and spiritually; humans are, after all, social creatures.

  1. Get connected

Stand up paddle boarding offers something that few other exercises and activities can; it heightens the connection you have to, and your awareness of, your body. You see SUP requires balance and a consciousness of your own body that must be developed over time. Once you master SUP you could further develop these skills through SUP Yoga which combines the two disciplines and will really tone and work all your core muscles.

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