Wellness activities program

Are you ready to dedicate your vacations to a happier healthier you? This year’s June Wellness will be packed full of opportunities for you to pamper yourself on all levels of your being: physically, mentally, spiritually and nutritionally. Take a look at the kinds of activities you can expect to enjoy during June Wellness 2016.


Stay fit

Keep your physical body in good shape with June Wellness’s program of fitness activities to get the blood pumping, activate your endorphins, boost your stamina and increase your strength. By joining June Wellness, you will have unlimited access to our cutting edge gym and outdoor fitness facilities that include courts for playing tennis, squash and basketball, in addition to a specialized program with an Outdoor Bootcamp. Likewise, you can take advantage of free access to all non-motorized water sport equipment so you can go paddleboarding, kayaking and snorkeling as well as enjoy a guided tour to Los Arcos rock formations.


Puerto Vallarta - Yoga

Yoga forms an integral part of the June Wellness program welcoming instructors who specialize in a variety of different forms of yoga. You can enjoy hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa flow and kundalini yoga classes that will be guided in breathtaking locations throughout the jungle preserve. Imagine a yoga class on the beach, by the infinity pool, next to a running river, high in the clouds over 350 feet (110 meters) above sea level at the Rooftop or under the shade of the impressive orange colored tree on the Orange Deck.


Meditation is also an important element to ensure a healthy mind and spirit. As such, the June Wellness program for 2016 will schedule times in the day when you can totally disconnect from the outer world. You can enjoy group meditations as well as follow the ZenWalk guide, contemplating the Buddha statues that pepper the preserve or simply take time for quiet introspection on your balcony, on the Orange Deck or on the beach as well as other tranquil locations.


Puerto Vallarta workshops

One of the main attractions of June Wellness is the program of workshops that accompany the package. You can attend a number of workshops related to different aspects of your well being which will be guided by our special guests as well as local experts. The workshops will cover areas such as dealing with stress, healthy eating habits, liberation from past traumas and patterns and improving our lifestyles in general. A variety of speakers and therapists will join us to share their experiences, offering advice and strategies for improving our mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

To inspire you from the outside in, we will also be offering workshops dedicated to your beauty and physical well being. Your June Wellness package will include workshops on skincare, aromatherapy, stress relief massages and hydrotherapy, amongst others.



Learning how to take better care of our bodies and minds from the inside out is also an important part of creating a healthy, happy lifestyle. For that reason, cooking classes focused on eating more healthily feature as part of June Wellness 2016. Special guests will join us to speak about how to balance a healthy diet and start habits that are good for us as well as lead cooking demonstrations and classes. June Wellness guests are also invited to try the specially crafted Healthy Menu that is available at participating restaurants at the resort, which includes vegan and healthy choices.

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