Are you looking for a calming, restorative experience while on vacation at Garza Blanca?  If so, look no further than a yoga session with expert instructor Prócoro Hernández.  When you are a guest at the resort, you have access to many activities which inspire the art of living, including kundalini yoga classes.  Prócoro leads these healing sessions in prime locations around the resort, whether the day brings renewal on the beach, by the river or on the mountain deck. During the monthlong June Wellness, he will also be leading additional classes to complement the program.  

Prócoro Hernández - Searching for Truth

Elevate and free your mind

A kundalini yoga session with Prócoro is sure to elevate your consciousness and free your mind of everyday stresses.  Anyone can benefit from this introspective form of yoga, regardless of fitness level.  A true master of his craft, Prócoro tailors each class with appropriate movements and postures for the group attending, whether the goal is to balance chakras, detoxify the body, or raise energy.  Employing a unique blend of mantras, breathing techniques, meditation and physical movements, kundalini yoga is a practice that inspires self-reflection and a deeper appreciation of the surrounding world.  Treat yourself to a guided experience with Prócoro to refocus your state of mind and heighten your sense of blissful relaxation.    

Surreal beauty and peaceful tranquility

Soak up the surreal beauty and peaceful tranquility of Garza Blanca Preserve as you partake in a meditative session of Kundalini yoga.  No matter the location of your class, you will feel a new mindfulness growing within your spirit as you practice yoga within nature.  A session might take place on the mountain deck overlooking the majestic seascape below, next to the peaceful sounds of the flowing river, or along the shore where you can bask in the impressive ocean views as you achieve true inner serenity.

Surreal beauty and peaceful tranquility

An expert in his field

As the resident yoga instructor at Garza Blanca Preserve, Prócoro has been leading yoga classes here for the past 3 years.  A background in journalism and teaching laid a strong foundation for his journey into yoga, which he has practiced and instructed for more than 15 years.  He has trained in many exotic locales such as India and Peru, and is certified by the yoga alliance in Kundalini and Sivananda/Siromani yoga.  His discovery of yoga has made a huge impact on his lifestyle; he has benefitted from numerous health improvements since he began, including the elimination of the diabetes from which he once suffered.  

A fresh new perspective

Experience an enlightening sojourn alongside our seasoned instructor and you may begin to see life from a fresh new perspective.  Follow the wise words of Prócoro as you seek out novel ways to perfect the art of living: “The most important part is to allow your life to flow in harmony, love and beauty, being conscious of who you really are at the center of all the events and emotions that affect the personality; avoiding identification with either our happiness or our aversions,” shares Prócoro.  No one could have possibly said it better.