All guests at the Garza Blanca Resort and Spa are invited to take some time out of their busy days during their next stay to connect with their innerselves! Not only can you find hundreds of bird and plant species here, but there is also a collection of superb statues that have been hand–picked by the owner and director of the resort throughout his travels. These statues have been placed around the grounds for your enjoyment.

Inspiring Statues

These inspiring sculptures have been carefully placed for the greatest harmony and most favourable circulation of energy. Some of these sculptures are very easy to spot, while others require you to walk towards the outer regions of the preserve. Some can be found by the pools and along the pathways to the BocaDos STK restaurant and Hotel Mousai, and some are deeper in the grounds near the outdoor fitness and play centre. For your comfort and ease we have also created a mini-sculpture guide which you can get from the activities team or the concierge. This map will provide you with the perfect route to find all of the sculptures on the ZenWalk as well as giving a short description of each and tips on how to turn the walk into a walking meditation.

How to use the route as a walking meditation?

When using the route as a walking meditation, your focus should be directed towards the act of breathing and walking in order to keep awareness centred on the immediate experience. Whenever thoughts or daydreams arise, simply acknowledge their arrival and disregard them, watching them leave your mind like passing clouds that arrive but do not disturb your peace.  Becoming acutely aware of the surroundings will help keep you centered, but try not to judge what you see, simply let it be, tuning into your senses as a means of reaching a state of inner peace and contentment.

The Garza Blanca Resort invites you to surround yourself in the beauty and wonder of the tropical grounds as you follow the ZenWalk from sculpture to sculpture. At many points along the path you will find serene benches where you can rest and reflect upon the meaning of the statues you have seen and the utter beauty of the journey you have been taking through space and time.  

For more information please speak to the concierge or activities team upon arrival. Otherwise you can download a guide here.