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Which Sunglasses are Right for You?

Which Sunglasses are Right for You?

Sunglasses serve so many fabulous purposes, from disguising the dark undereye circles that are a telltale sign of your late night out, to accentuating whatever you are wearing, not to mention most important of all: they protect your delicate eye area from the damaging effects of the UV rays present outdoors.  

With so many benefits, sunglasses may just be the single most important accessory in your wardrobe when going on vacation.  That being said, it is essential to choose a pair that will make your feel confident and attractive, but how do you narrow down your search with so many styles to choose from?  When you understand which styles of sunglasses will be the most flattering for your face shape, you will be armed with the right tools to help you zero in on what will work for you right away, instead of wasting time trying on countless pairs.    

Determine Your Face Shape

Figuring out your face shape is a snap.  Make sure your face is completely unobscured by pulling back any hair that could get in your way, then trace the outline of your face with a dry erase marker, bar of soap or lipstick onto a mirror in front of you.  After you are done, compare the shape you traces with the face shapes described below.  You will be all set for your next shopping trip after reading up on which sunglass styles will look best with your face shape.   


With its narrowest point at the jawline, a heart-shaped face will look stunning in sunglasses with frames that are narrower on the bottom than on top.  Become friends with sunglass styles including Wayfarer-style, Cat Eye and Sports-inspired frames.


A round face is widest across the cheekbones and narrows a bit around the jawline and forehead, so rectangular, oversized or angular sunglass styles such as Cat Eye, Square and Wayfarer-style will counterbalance the round effect for a sleek, stylish look.  


An oval face is longer than it is wide, and is fortunate to be able to pull off a variety of sunglass styles, although round and square frames including Aviators and Wayfarer-style are particularly flattering.  Just be sure to choose the right proportions, as styles that are too oversized or too small won’t work.  


Features such as a strong jawline, wide cheekbones and a wide forehead characterize a square face, which will look great in sunglasses with soft lines or rimless edges including Aviator, Round and Shield frames

Why leave picking out your ideal pair of sunglasses to chance?  Use this list to make the task a whole lot simpler!