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Winter Pampering Tips

The winter season is here, and it can be a drag. In northern cities, cold winter temperatures bring dry air, cloudy days, and snowfall. It’s important to practice self-care during this season to combat the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder. These winter pampering tips will help you make it through the season with joy.



Self-care starts with eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough rest. We always have work obligations, family obligations, and many other stressors, but it is important to find the time for these essential steps. One of the best ways to find the time is to frame these tasks as a way of pampering yourself. Schedule time on your calendar for self-care, and during that time, feel like you are taking the time to pamper yourself, whether you are shopping for healthy food, cooking a nutritious meal, or simply resting.

The importance of vitamin D 

It’s also important to get enough vitamin D, which can be a challenge in the winter. Vitamin D comes from the sun, so make sure you get outside and let the sun hit your skin as much as possible, even if it’s just your face. In addition to the vitamin D factor, getting outside for a walk can improve your mood, and it also counts as exercise.

Change of scenery

This list of winter pampering tips would not be complete without mentioning a change of scenery. In the winter, we tend to hunker down and get really into our daily routines. While this may feel productive for a while, it’s true that all work and no play can make people grumpy.

Taking a vacation to a warmer, sunnier climate is another way to pamper yourself this winter.

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Los Cabos, Mexico is the perfect place to get away from the cold and enjoy some sunshine and sandy shores.

Pamper yourself with R&R 

Many people like to begin a vacation with a little rest and relaxation, and hitting the beach is the perfect way to do this.

As mentioned above, vitamin D is very important for maintaining physical and mental health during the winter season, and there is no shortage of it in Mexico. It can be very helpful to shed some layers and let the sun kiss your skin during the dead of winter. Just don’t forget your sunblock to avoid burning skin that’s been covered up for months.

Continuing on the mission to unwind, the best and most luxurious way to pamper yourself during the winter months is to visit a spa and receive rejuvenating spa treatments such as massages, facials, or exfoliating body scrubs to remove dry skin and restore a healthy glow. Garza Blanca Los Cabos has one of the best spas in the region, Spa Imagine.

Spa Imagine has everything you can “imagine” and everything you want in a spa, including hydrotherapy circuit, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, cold dipping pool, power plunge shower, hair and nails salon, waxing, couples massage, body wraps with soothing moisturizer, chakra treatments, and much more.

After your spa treatments have put you in a fully relaxed state, continue resting and relaxing by hanging out by the pool or in the hammock on your terrace to find the feeling of deep calm and serenity. This is what a vacation is for, after all. There’s nothing you have to do, no obligations, nowhere you have to go. You can just relax.

Active ways to pamper yourself

After you are done relaxing fully, you might feel like you have more energy for exploring new cuisine, exercising, or adventure excursions.

Treat yourself to a dinner at restaurant Hiroshi, Bocados STK, or Blanca Blue, and savor some authentic flavors with fusion and flare by world class chefs.

Garza Blanca has an amazing gym with everything you need to train while visiting Los Cabos. From treadmills and ellipticals to circuit machines and free weights, you will find it all. There are also yoga classes and other fitness and wellness classes, so be sure to check the schedule.

Los Cabos has plenty of outdoor adventure activities such as whale watching, fishing, jet skiing, flyboarding, paddle boarding, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, ATV rides and much, much more.

Stay warm this season and try out some of these winter pampering tips. Choose whatever you resonate with. You deserve a dose of pampering this winter, and it can be fun to remember to take care of yourself in whatever way sounds the best to you. So, take a trip, and find your happy place at Garza Blanca in Los Cabos!