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Best Fishing Tournament in Los Cabos

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Table of Contents

With just a couple of months to go until Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments with their big prize Black and Blue and Los Cabos Offshore tournaments, Cabo San Lucas is getting ready to welcome hundreds of visitors, some as participants in one of the more than 120 teams, others just as spectators ready to enjoy Bisbee’s “fiesta” with the culmination at the Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza for the final weighing ceremony ready to meet the newest Bisbee’s Fishing Tournament champion! Okay, let’s back up a little bit and take it step by step…

What are Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments?

Bisbee’s fishing tournaments

They are fishing tournaments that offer one of the biggest payouts in the world, self-proclaimed as “The world’s richest fishing tournaments”. Founded by Bob Bisbee, it has been owned and operated by the Bisbee family since its inception in 1981.

For over 30 uninterrupted years, the competition has been held in the Los Cabos region of the Baja California Peninsula. Bisbee’s is well known for producing three different tournaments: Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore in August, Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore, and the legendary Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournament, both taking place in October.

Each of the three tournaments has adopted a unique style, Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore is a laid-back kind of event, usually described as “Cabo fishing as it used to be”, Los Cabos Offshore is more social, nicknamed “Little Bisbee’s”, an event to gather with old and new friends and hit the sea for a good fishing time, it feels like a preparation for the big day… The Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. Bisbee’s Black and Blue, the main event, is the one out of the three tournaments with the biggest payouts. It takes place over 5 days, celebrating the connection between man and the sea through sport fishing. Hundreds of people gather around Cabo’s boardwalk in a unique festivity experience with lots of joy, food, and shopping.

So yes, Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments is right about naming themselves “The world’s richest fishing tournaments”, here are some of the reasons why:

Legendary Prizes

Prozes at Bisbee’s fishing tournaments

2006 was a game changing year for the Bisbee’s tournament. Their highest cash prize of $4,165,960 became the highest paid cash prize in the history of sport fishing. A record still waiting for you to break. Since then, the tournament has given away millions of dollars in cash prizes annually, changing many lives.

World Prestige

Fisherman’s bucket list.

Having a Bisbee’s trophy is definitely at the top of every fisherman’s bucket list. Cabo’s location makes fishing in its waters unique, with a vast variety of fish swimming under their blue waters, such as tuna, marlin, and dorado. Many acclaimed fishing magazines include Bisbee’s in their lists of the top fishing tournaments, like Boat International, they included Bisbee’s fishing tournaments on their “World’s Most Prestigious Blillfish Tournaments” list in 2017.

Humanitarian Legacy

Bisbee’s helps those in need.

Because no one can be self-identified as “richest” without helping those in need. Having a fishing tournament with the world’s biggest payout, Bisbee’s is no stranger to helping those in need.

Bisbee’s fishing tournaments were the setting of one of the most heartfelt stories of its kind. In 2014, thanks to an anonymous donor, a group of orphans from the Casa Hogar organization was approved by the tournament committee to enter the competition with no prior fishing experience. After hours at sea, they caught a 385-pound blue marlin giving them the cash prize of $ 258,325.

One hundred percent of the prize money went to the Casa Hogar organization which, a few weeks earlier, was devastated due to Hurricane Odile. The organization premises went through a major restoration thanks to Bisbee’s Fishing Tournament. The story is so emotional it feels like it came straight from a movie, well… it actually does. Netflix’s recent release of Blue Miracle (2021) starring Dennis Quaid, brought an adaptation of the story to the screen, telling the story of Omar’s (Jimmy Gonzales) struggle to keep the Casa Hogar orphanage running after Hurricane Odile’s devastation. He teams up with a group of Casa Hogar boys and the experienced fisherman, Wade (Dennis Quaid). Together they go deep into the sea looking for a miracle that will save the orphanage and themselves.

The Casa Hogar organization provides a home and education to underprivileged kids between the ages of 4 to 18, teaching them the values and skills that will help them along their personal journey to becoming adults in our society. They still have a long way to go and a lot of kids to help. If you’d like to donate, go to

Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore took place from August 3rd to August 7th. This year, Black and Blue and Los Cabos Offshore will take place from October 19th to 23rd and from October 14th to 17th, respectively, with a base entry fee of $5,000 for Black and Blue and $1,500 for Los Cabos Offshore. The earlier you register, the more chances you get to win a free entry for the following year’s tournament! With over 120 teams and boats in the Los Cabos Offshore, and the perfect October waters ideal for tuna and marlin fishing, this year will not disappoint. It doesn’t matter if you are not a member of any team, there are no rules for you to enjoy the awards celebration festival on October 23rd, an experience you wouldn’t want to trade.


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