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The Rooftop at Garza Blanca Los Cabos

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Should you wish to step into your best clothes and be part of an international social set, or simply to be lounging in your swimwear, living it large, The Rooftop at Garza Blanca Los Cabos is considered the place to be.

Celebrations designed for frolicking and fun, intimate gatherings by the pool, or even business visions coming to life for an audience, are all happy occasions to look forward to.

The secret of success when looking for a venue for a private event, or an upscale environment to relax in with friends, is asking yourself not merely “What would people like to have,” but also “What would I feel happy giving them?”

If you get the formula right, the ambiance can be fantastic.

To design, prepare, and deliver a slick and unforgettable experience for you and your crowd – no matter who they are, or what they require – an outdoor rooftop venue is always a winner.

A Stage Designed to Charm and Engage

A spectacular rooftop beckons, with infinite ocean vistas at Garza Blanca Los Cabos. The infinity pool blends seamlessly into the sea, with an optical fusion of pool and ocean that produce an endless, magical extension of the property.

The open-air pavilion that also looks out to the sparkling sea beyond, has comfortable chairs and sofas, with surround tables for casual dining, while the comfortable sun loungers welcome sea-breezes into every corner.

garza blanca los cabos rooftop

Thanks to the staff being experts in high-rise fun, dedicated to a never-ending quest for the joy of life, on The Rooftop at Garza Blanca your glass or plate will never be empty.

The Rooftop bar serves creative, quirky libations, such as Red Hot Sangria, Martinicos with gin and fresh basil, and refreshing Hierba Buenas’ (white tequila, mint, honey, lime, and sparkling water), as you get ready to soak up the scene.

Food is served from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, and there are plenty of options for munching as well as drinking. The Make Your Own Pizza option is fun, as is trying the Octopus Tostadas.

You can keep your tastebuds interested all day by opting for the Crudités, the Baba Ganoush, or the Green Fish Ceviche. And the less adventurous eaters will appreciate the Jumbo Hot Dogs and the Cheeseburgers, or maybe even a local treat, The Baja Tacos.

Open-Air Living for Special Occasions

The Rooftop at Garza Blanca is a truly splendid place for those long days and warm, late nights. Coexistence with nature in luxurious surroundings makes it one of the most amazing rooftop venues for that refreshing al fresco feel, that you will find on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

rooftop bar at garza blanca los cabos

You can watch sailboats ready to go out to the Sea of Cortez, and within seconds of arriving, you just know it’s going to be a great hangout spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Anyone who enjoys sunshine, water, and nature in sumptuous surroundings will be instantly charmed.

If you are planning to have some fun during a relaxed work meeting, you can effortlessly host a conference or a private discussion on The Rooftop. Business mergers or acquisitions go swimmingly well when negotiations are discussed by a stunning poolside. Product launches and corporate events are also possible, and if you wish, the sky’s the limit!

couple at garza blanca los cabosrooftop

A favorite spot for all-day chilling, The Rooftop playlist has something to suit everyone’s taste from gritty but fun, to soothing and intimate. No matter what genre you are into, you’ll never be disappointed. Strolling live musicians also add to the fantastic ambiance and can be found playing there at certain times throughout the day.

Say Yes to Rooftop Parties

The open-air environment is truly extensive, ideal for an array of events, including wedding receptions and dinners. With the near-perfect, all-year-round climate it is a space for all seasons, and parties on the roof can include:

  • Bridal showers
  • Anniversary/ engagement parties
  • Reunions
  • Charity events
  • Baby showers
  • Wedding vow renewals
  • Birthday celebrations, and much more!

The hotel event coordinators know how to pull everything off in style, whether it’s seated dinners or just fun in the sun.

Life is Better at the Rooftop

Normality and balance are sometimes overrated, and frequently it’s good to indulge in the quintessential jet-setter lifestyle. In an environment offering happiness, pleasure, and comfort, it’s all about finding luxury in the small details.

impressive garza blanca rooftop in cabo

Life is much more interesting when we focus on fun, and when we are spontaneous. Learning to say yes to new experiences and opportunities by hosting private events or gatherings, both large and small, is a great way to enjoy life to its fullest.

So live well in Los Cabos, and remember, many smart travelers agree: Some things just cannot be left behind. One of them will definitely be your sweet memories of The Rooftop at Garza Blanca.


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