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Forbes Considers Garza Blanca as the Best Resort for Foodies in Cancun

If you are a foodie looking to be wowed with every bite, look no further than Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Cancun. You will be extraordinarily impressed with the variety of gourmet cuisine on offer both at Garza Blanca and its neighboring sister resort Villa del Palmar Cancun, making it the best resort for foodies in Cancun.

According to Forbes, the global media and publishing company that provides daily news coverage on topics such as lifestyle, business, and technology, Garza Blanca Cancun Is The All-Inclusive For Foodies. The article was written by Contributor J.Q. Louise and she mentions that Tiago Aceituno, the Executive Chef of Blanca Blue, creates exciting dishes that are modern interpretations of traditional Mexican fare made using local ingredients. Read the full article here.

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About the Culinary Experience at Garza Blanca

From the moment you arrive, you will have one memorable meal after another. Opt for the Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive plan and enjoy unlimited food and beverages as well as 24-hour room service.

Themed Nights - 5 Star Culinary Creativity

Probably everyone has at one time in their life stayed at a resort where the food was subpar, with dishes that were served lukewarm and equally tasteless no matter what you ordered and drinks that were watered down. But at Garza Blanca, our mission is to go above and beyond and redefine what resort dining means to you. We will replace those memories of the appalling resort dining you may have encountered in the past with new and improved foodie memories where our dishes are a work of art unto themselves, served piping hot and full of intricate flavors that dance on the tongue, that delight, that mesmerize. Not to mention our excellent service where our dedicated team of staff anticipate your every need in advance.

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Every meal that you have at Garza Blanca Cancun promises to be exceptional and unique. Whether it is a colorful breakfast on the terrace of Blanca Blue, lunch at the Food Truck, snacks in the swim-up pool, or dinner in the elegant atmosphere of Blanca Blue, Garza Blanca´s first-rate fare sets the gold standard.

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The Grand Opening is scheduled for December 2021. At that time, guests can look forward to three additional gourmet restaurants including Hiroshi for Japanese cuisine, BocaDos Steak House for dry-aged steaks, and DAO for Oriental cuisine, plus a “gourmet food hall”, and Rooftop restaurant for adults only.

One thing is for sure, you will never go home hungry. Come to savor the finest cuisine and marvel at the artistry of the chef´s presentation. Considering all that Garza Blanca Cancun offers, it is sure to be the best resort for foodies in Cancun.