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Perfect Plate at Garza Blanca Resort

Celebrating the Perfect Plate at Garza Blanca

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Quality, consistency, and value are at the heart of everything we do at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa. It is with these values in mind that we have applied the Perfect Plate program to ensure that each and every dinner served at our restaurants is as good as it can be, surpassing expectations. The Perfect Plate initiative has been introduced as part of a whole series of such programs, such as the Perfect Room and Perfect Restaurant programs, aimed at raising the standard of the whole Garza Blanca experience to new heights.

Here’s what you need to know about the Perfect Plate program

The Perfect Plate for each and every guest

The focus of the Perfect Plate program is the focus on the quality, taste, freshness, and presentation of the food which is served in all of the restaurants on site. The main focus is the quality of the base ingredients which make up the dishes served.

There are two phases to the way the Perfect Plate program is implemented within the restaurants of the Garza Blanca. Firstly, the ingredients to be used are picked for freshness, and from local sources. Secondly, there are detailed checklists at each work station which indicate how each dish should be prepared and presented. To make sure that the high standards of the Garza Blanca restaurants are always met, the head chef takes time each day to prepare an example dish to show the cooks and waiting staff so that they know how these dishes should look, taste, and smell each and every time.

The Perfect Plate

Flavor, art, design, aromas and a lot of passion

As important as the production of consistently great tasting dishes is the process of deciding what dishes do and do not go on the menu. This begins with the selection of the best and freshest ingredients available in the local area; only those which meet the highest standards are chosen. The chef will then make dishes centered around these wonderful ingredients, and put them to the Garza Blanca Menu Certification Committee (which is made up of the owner of the resort and his family, members of management, and chefs from the resort).


Menu Certification

The certification process evaluates the presentation, taste, quality, value, and general experience provided by the dish; only approved dishes will be allowed onto the menu. However, the process does not stop there. After every meal each guest has the opportunity to leave feedback and comments which go directly to the chef through the restaurant iPad. If a dish is receiving negative feedback, or regular suggestions for improvement it will be reviewed by the chef and his team.

The Perfect Restaurant

To complement the Perfect Plate Program, the Perfect Restaurant program has also been put in place. The idea behind this is to ensure that the atmosphere and environment in which you have your dining experience adds to the meal itself. The usual maintenance and cleaning routines are involved in this, but the program also includes regular review of temperature, music, lighting, and the general atmosphere.

The next time you dine at Garza Blanca be sure to leave feedback to help the restaurant teams to further improve the experience for you and all guests!



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