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floyd myweather at garza blanca cancun

Floyd Mayweather Jr. at Garza Blanca Cancun

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Table of Contents

Garza Blanca Cancun is proud to be a celebrity-approved Resort! We recently had the honor of having the famed Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a special celebrity guest at our newest Garza Blanca property.

Everyone must have heard of Floyd Mayweather Jr., right? But for those who don´t know him, he is a former professional boxer who won fifteen major world titles and may be the best defensive boxer in history. He currently works as a professional boxing promoter.

Floyd was out and about in Cancun and booked a stay in Garza Blanca Cancun´s luxury 4 Bedroom Penthouse Loft. He gave his 25 million Instagram followers a tour of the stunning split-level loft featuring 2 bedrooms on the ground floor both with en-suite bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, spacious living and dining area, and a terrace with a hammock. The second floor has two additional bedrooms each with en-suite bathrooms, and lastly the third level boasts a private rooftop terrace with a bubbling jacuzzi, bathroom, shower, and comfortable lounge furniture.

To conclude the tour, Floyd said:

¨My opinion? It is the best hotel in Cancun. That´s just my opinion.¨

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Come to see for yourself what makes us the best and we´ll gladly help you vacation like a celebrity!


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