Experimenta la música en vivo en Garza Blanca Preserve de Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s Garza Blanca Resort & Spa is pleased to announce that it has launched a regular Live Music Experience program for guests to enjoy each and every day. We are excited to welcome four expert musicians from Cuba to play a range of live music including compositions for saxophone, flute, trumpet and violin.

Live Music to Inspire the Soul

The new program of live music hosted by Garza Blanca Resort & Spa is intended to entertain hotel guests at key locations throughout the resort. You can now enjoy the uplifting music of these solo artists by the pools, in the restaurants and on the beach at various times of the day according to a weekly schedule. Four talented musicians from Cuba will offer performances, playing a range of different musical compositions to enhance your experience of the areas.

Live Music

Talented Musicians

Cuban born musicians, Kátherin González Álvarez, Kenia Marquez Landa, Claudia Madera Neyra and Jorge Luis Escalona Reyna have selected a program of inspiring music that complements the venues and adds a special touch to your experience. Just imagine being serenaded on the beach by the flute or violin; watching the sun set to a trumpet medley or a violin lullaby; dining to the sound of the saxophone or flute; or lounging by the pool as the sounds of live music wash over you. No two days will be the same and each of the chosen venues will surprise you with a different instrumental accompaniment depending on the mood of the day.

Solo Performances

The Live Music Experience is set to awaken the senses with solo performances at key moments throughout your day; however, on occasion, the four musicians may come together to perform a rehearsed concert or jamming session, which will be advertised in the resort’s activities program. Likewise, the musicians will be available for special events such as weddings and other celebrations. You might decide to accompany a romantic dinner with a special request or host a small gathering in your suite, hiring one or all of the musicians to play for you. What is for sure is that live music is firmly on the menu at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa.

live music