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The Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta

The Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

marietas-island-puerto-vallartaPuerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay is host to a plethora of wonderful activities on land and sea, and one of the most enchanting day trips you can take is a tour of the Marieta Islands just a few miles north west off the coast of Puerto Vallarta.
The Marieta Islands are an extraordinary group of small islands protected by the Mexican Government from fishing and hunting which you can visit on boat trips, snorkeling tours and diving excursions.
It was formed from volcanic activity over thousands of years and is completely uninhabited by humans although home to thousands of tropical birds in including the much loved blue-footed booby.

The natural surroundings of the island are preserved thanks to limits on licenses for tour companies to visit the island. There is something magical about taking a diving or snorkeling tour of the islands.
You can enjoy frequent sightings of sea turtles, dolphins, tropical fish and humpback whales during their season from November through March. After your swim you can relax on the beach or snorkel through the cave to the island’s hidden beach, Playa Escondida.

Playa Escondida isla-marietas-2 This hidden gem of a beach protected like the island’s third eye makes for a fascinating adventure for all the family.
From the air, the beach glistens through the sinkhole as though winking to the stars and bathers have to pass under a cave to reach the sands of this magical location.

It is an experience you will always remember. Ask the Garza Blanca tour agent for more details and to book your tour during your stay in Puerto Vallarta.

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