Themed Weddings Hotel Garza Blanca

Luxury Weddings on the BeachWhile most wedding decoration and designs are based on the color scheme chosen by the bride and groom to be, there are other ways to inspire a unique wedding atmosphere such as themed weddings. The theme of your wedding day will certainly reflect something about you and your partner, and some couples go so far as to ask guests to participate in the theme of their nuptials in some way, usually in the attire they wear.

Whatever theme you choose, whether it be traditional, informal, vintage, a specific time period, beach or wacky, it is important to establish the general concept of your big day before planning the details.

Traditional or Informal

The majority of weddings tend to fit into one of these two categories, with most weddings adhering to the traditions set by the culture or religion followed by the bride and groom. In such cases, the color scheme takes precedence to give an overall distinct flavor to the wedding, reflecting the couple in some way. If you opt for a traditional wedding, it is a good idea to brush up on the kinds of details you might want to include and see how wedding traditions have changed over the years. Informal weddings tend to have more of a “no-fuss” quality, giving priority to the elements that hold the most significance to the bride and groom.


Vintage, shabby-chic, rustic, however you want to call it, this genre of weddings is popular at present with a tendency for a classically elegant yet contemporary trendy style. The general focus of this theme is usually Victorian England or the Wild West, giving that sepia look about the wedding decoration, flowers and wedding attire. Colors are generally pastels and washed out tones, with more emphasis on eclectic design than homogeneity. The great thing about choosing a vintage theme is that it is relatively easy to creative a unique atmosphere, the only disadvantage is the danger that if not done successfully, your wedding can end up looking more shabby than chic!

Period Weddings

These kinds of weddings can be a lot of fun, although depending on the period that you choose, might result in being more amusing than elegant. For example, if you choose a period like the 1920s or 1930s, you are likely to create a more chic atmosphere than say the 80s. Yet you can have lots of fun decorating your reception with rubik’s cubes, glitter balls, and roller-skates, and asking guests to come dressed like New Romantics. In any case, you may want to consider how far you carry the theme, whether you limit period clothing to the wedding party or ask all the guests to come dressed to match your theme.


Beach weddings are both a theme in themselves as well as an opportunity for an additional theme. Taking advantage of the setting, you may use the natural beauty of the beach location to guide your decoration choices and even the attire of your guests. Many beach weddings ask that guests wear white, although that is not compulsory. Likewise, you may choose an additional theme, such as mermaids, hula girls or an aquatic motif to set the tone for your nuptials.

Wacky Weddings

Elegance is probably not likely to be your objective when choosing an off-the-wall wedding theme but your day will certainly be a one to remember. Usually, couples who choose a wacky theme want to reflect something about their personality or individual taste, making for a more light hearted day. For example, Star Wars fans may choose to come dressed as Princess Leia and Hans Solo or comic fans ask guests to arrive dressed as their favorite superhero. Other ideas include zombie weddings, carnival/fairground themes, Rocky Horror, Greek gods and so on.