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Wedding Decoration Ideas for your Special Day

If you have made the big decision to have a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta with crystal blue waters, a white-sand beach, and a breathtaking view as your ceremony backdrop, then you will need some creative wedding decoration ideas for your big day in the tropics. You will also need to find a resort perfect for you and your wedding party.

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa is one of the top recommended resorts in Banderas Bay for a destination wedding. This luxury resort stands on a secluded stretch of beach on the south shore of Banderas Bay. It offers stunning views of the entire coastline and is tucked away on a lush, private reserve for a secluded vibe. Its unique architectural concept incorporates physical features of the coastline, while using natural building materials to aesthetically blend with the surrounding environment.  

Built on the site of a former hotel that was the playground of Hollywood stars in the 1960s, Garza Blanca features spacious guest rooms with optional kitchens, a private white-sand beach with a cove for snorkeling, two beachside pools and three gourmet restaurants including Blanca Blue, Bocados STK and Aquazul.  Blanca Blue is home to the destination’s top wine cellar featuring wines from the Guadalupe Valley of Baja California, as well as many premium and international wines. 

Whatever your desire, be it a tender wedding ceremony on the beach, a lavish cocktail under the stars by the pool, or a quaint intimate wedding reception, Garza Blanca makes for the perfect wedding venue.

Qualified Wedding Planners

Garza Blanca offers dedicated wedding coordinators who are pleased to assist you in mapping out your special day, from the tiniest detail of the ceremony to the reception, and guest accommodations.  The motto is, “Your Day, Your Way!”

If you choose to pursue an alternative venue away from the mainstream hotels, there are numerous qualified local independent wedding planners that come highly recommended. They will assist in choosing the perfect setting that will exceed your expectations.

Ensure that you choose someone who is experienced with wedding planning in the area. A qualified planner comes with a plethora of good references and a repertoire of trusted vendors with whom they have had a long-standing working relationship. Having years of experience, your planner will be able to provide you not only wedding ideas but also decoration ideas so you can spend more time dreaming about your special day and less time researching.

Creative Wedding Decorations

One of the many draws to a destination wedding in the tropics is the picturesque beach wedding venue that you often see advertised in magazines. In addition to the white sand and blue waters, a notable advantage to a tropical wedding is the opportunity to be creative with outdoor decorations. 

Many venues allow you to bring in your own wedding decorations, which will save money, as well, some venues require you to provide your own.  

There are many options for beach wedding decorations. Incorporate that tropical island feeling with candlelit lanterns, palm leave arches, tiki torches, shells, or fishnets with starfish.  In some locations, you may have the option of integrating some of the natural elements like driftwood and seagrass.

With limits on the amount you can bring when flying, the reception décor and ceremony decorations can easily be sourced locally. Depending on where the reception venue is, it may only require a few added touches to enhance what is already a stunning location with a captivating view.  

Most venues provide the reception tables and leave the table runner and floral centerpieces to your imagination. Floral arrangements are a delight to select with the countless options of tropical flowers available in the warmer climates.  

Mexican Wedding Traditions 

You may also want to consider adding some local Mexican traditions or create a Mexican-inspired theme:

  • Decor & Textiles: Fill your day with robust bright colors.  Imagine reds, blues, greens, and yellows popping out of your centerpieces, or table runners.
  • Papel Picado: Considered Mexican folk art filled with history, papel picado is a traditional Mexican wedding decoration. Each banner contains an assortment of wedding-themed cutout designs.  It’s your choice if you prefer white or a rainbow of vibrant colors.
  • Piñata: Not just for birthday parties, piñatas are sure to provide your guests with entertainment.  You can customize your piñata into whatever shape, size, and color you like.  Not only does it add to the décor, it’s a great way to get your guests involved.
  • Flowers: When it comes to traditional Mexican wedding flowers you can start with the dahlia pinnata, which is the national flower of Mexico coming in shades of red, orange and pink. Some other options include alcatraz, ginger, orchids, asters, Mexican sunflower, birds of paradise, marigold, and chocolate cosmos.
  • Mexican Cuisine:  Main course meat dishes consist of chicken, pork or beef, served with warm, fresh tortillas. The side dishes consist of enchiladas, beans, tortillas and spicy rice enhanced with peppers and tomatoes.  Of course, all come with cilantro and lime.
  • Mariachi Band:  Dressed in stunning costumes mariachi bands bring a festive element to your party.  Have them welcome your guests as they arrive or serenade them during dinner.  
  • El Lazo (wedding lasso): A wedding tradition originating in Spain and brought to Mexico consists of a rope, ribbon, cord or large rosary that is draped around the neck of the groom then the bride in a figure eight after exchanging vows.  It symbolizes their everlasting union and serves as a wonderful and unique element to any wedding.
  • Mexican Wedding Money Dance: Not exclusive to the Mexican culture, it is one tradition that is seen at most celebrations.  The guests pin money on the clothes of the bride and groom in exchange for a moment to dance with them.
  • Las Arras Matrimoniales (wedding coins): It is a tradition that is made up of thirteen gold coins presented in an ornate box or chest. After being blessed by a priest, they are given or presented by the groom to the bride.  Although they carry multiple meanings depending on the culture, it symbolizes the couple’s trust in each other; the groom pledging to provide for his family, and the bride vowing to honor the blessing.

Regardless of what you decide on, your special day can be customized to your heart’s desires making it the wedding you have always dreamed of that people will talk about for years to come.