Los Cabos

Top Things to do in Los Cabos

Are you planning a vacation to Los Cabos in the near future and are pumped about the activities that you can do in this beautiful Baja California playground? It’s easy to see why you are excited, because Los Cabos is…


Tips on How to Look Stylish on the Beach

The dazzling blue waters, warm summer air, and the tropical white sand beaches in Mexico are the perfect backdrop for your summer getaway. A few trending pieces of clothing and accessories and you are ready to hit the tropical beaches of Mexico looking stylish and feeling amazing.

Los Cabos

Art at Garza Blanca Resort Los Cabos

The art at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos comes from many different artists and origins, but it all holds deep meaning related to the resort. From inspiring wall décor to breathtaking sculptures, there is a lot to see during your stay!