canopy zipline adventures in puerto vallarta
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The Best Canopy Zip Line Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

What is better than the feeling you get when flying through the air on a zipline over the tops of tropical trees and looking down on native animals, meandering rivers, and deep canyons? That’s what you get when you experience a canopy zip line adventure in Puerto Vallarta. Some may compare the thrilling experience to a scene from an action movie while to others it is an adventure waiting to happen and to share with your loved ones and best friends.


Downtown Restaurants in Cancun that you Must Try

Cancun is a place to eat, drink, discover, dance, and then go to sleep in a gorgeous hotel. The whole city exudes eternal magic while managing to stay true to its roots. The city also pulses with culinary innovation, from the fanciest downtown restaurants showcasing international flavors to eateries with leading, homegrown chefs.

Los Cabos

Best Fishing Tournament in Los Cabos

With just a couple of months to go until Bisbee’s Fishing Tournaments with their big prize Black and Blue and Los Cabos Offshore tournaments, Cabo San Lucas is getting ready to welcome hundreds of visitors, some as participants in one of the more than 120 teams, others just as spectators ready to enjoy Bisbee’s “fiesta” with the culmination at the Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza for the final weighing ceremony ready to meet the newest Bisbee’s Fishing Tournament champion!