water sports in los cabos
Los Cabos

8 Super Fun Water Sports in Los Cabos

Since Los Cabos is at the very tip of the peninsula, it is where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet, and with the endless waters that surround the region, comes an endless list of water sports to try in Los Cabos, but let’s focus on the top 8 best water sports in Los Cabos.

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Top Foodie Destinations in Mexico You Must Visit

Mexico’s range of flavors is so wide with so many unique and different flavors throughout the country that each region offers ingredients and preparations completely different from one another giving you the impression of traveling through many different countries while in Mexico, making each city a unique foodie destination.

Riviera Maya

New Cancun Tax for Visitors

For travelers planning to travel to Quintana Roo in the near future, please be advised that there is a new Cancun tax for visitors, which this article will explain in more detail.

Bocados STK Restuarant Garza Blanca Los Cabos

Bocados STK Changes its Name to Bocados Steak House

Bocados STK, Garza Blanca’s innovative gourmet restaurant, has changed its name to Bocados Steak House. You can find Bocados Steak House at all Garza Blanca properties in Mexico’s top beach destinations, including Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta, Garza Blanca Los Cabos, and coming soon to the brand-new Garza Blanca Cancun. All Garza Blanca properties are updating their branding and communications to reflect the new name of the restaurant.


The Best Hydrotherapy Spas in the World

The origin of the “spa” dates back thousands of years with healing waters as the primary spa treatments to rejuvenate the mind and body and to treat ailments. The best hydrotherapy spas have been embracing the healing powers of water since antiquity in cultures across the globe.


Mexico’s Most Famous Denomination of Origin Products

Mexico produces a bounty of iconic and amazing products that come from its rich land and from its talented artisans that are steeped in tradition and ancestral methods. Among the most recognized around the world items we know and love are cocoa, tequila, Talavera pottery and, the ever important, coffee. These are just a few examples of world-famous products that have been given the esteemed “denomination of origin” classification.