Setting the date Hotel Garza Blanca

How to Set Your Wedding Date

After the initial excitement and emotion of your wedding proposal you will want to start thinking seriously about possible dates for your nuptial celebration. Choosing the right time of year can make all the difference to your big day while some dates will simply make the event more complicated or make it difficult and expensive for some of your guests to make it.

romantic dinner in cabo

The Best Spots for a Romantic Dinner in Cabo

It’s no surprise that Los Cabos is known as being one of the most romantic destinations in Mexico. The municipality is also vibrant with impressive restaurants that serve world-class cuisine and are perfect for a romantic dinner in Cabo to ignite the flame of passion with your loved one.


TierraLuna: A Unique Gastronomic Space

Are you a traveler who will visit a new destination and stick to your regular cuisine habits? Or are you a traveler who seeks new dining experiences, allowing your taste buds to be the leader of the journey at times? Well, in this article we encourage you to open your imagination and be ready to discover a unique gastronomic space in the heart of nature.