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All Aboard the Marigalante Pirate Ship!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Puerto Vallarta has a long history with pirates. Playa Los Muertos is located next to the pier in the Romantic Zone. According to legend, pirates would come ashore on the beach to attack and loot the locals, who didn’t make it easy for them. This unusually named beach translates to “Beach of the Dead” and apparently pirates were buried there. To live your own swashbuckling pirate adventure, when you next visit Puerto Vallarta, the Marigalante Pirate Ship is one of the most sought-after tours in Puerto Vallarta.

Not only will you enjoy pirate fun as the ship sails around one of the largest and most beautiful bays in the world, but you can look forward to non-stop entertainment, acrobatics, swordfights, the sound of blasting cannons, and a delicious meal.

The Marigalante Pirate Ship offers the Majahuitas Island day tour and the Dinner Under the Sea night tour. The night tour is recommended for adults only, since it is more of a party atmosphere, but children are allowed. If you are traveling with your little ones, we recommend taking the day tour, which is full of action-packed fun suitable for the whole family.

All tours meet at the Pirate Boutique across from the A.P.I marina, where you will be asked to check-in and pay a 28-peso port fee prior to boarding the ship. Children under 8 years old are not required to pay the port fee. Due to the COVID-19 safety protocols, your temperature will be taken and you will be offered hand sanitizing gel before you enter the boutique and again when you go through the maritime terminal. While in the boutique, you will have the opportunity to browse and buy some unique pirate themed souvenirs.

The day tour runs from Monday to Saturday and is a full day excursion. You will meet at the Pirate Boutique at 9:00 am and arrive back at the pier at 4:45 pm. The night tour is available every night and lasts 3.5 hours. You will check in at the Pirate Boutique at 5:45 pm and return to the terminal at 10:30 pm.

Once you board the 700-ton authentic Spanish Galleon, you will be introduced to your personal pirate who will wait on you for the duration of the tour.

Majahuitas Island Day Tour

Majahuitas Island Day Tour Puerto Vallarta

The day tour starts with a high energy stage show, music, and guests are invited to join the ship’s crew in a choreographed dance. If you are sleepy when you start the tour, dancing along will infuse you with energy. Following the dancing, you will be called by your personal pirate to have breakfast “Under the Sea” in our beautifully designed pirate tavern. You have the choice of two breakfast options: chilaquiles with eggs and beans or pancakes, with eggs, bacon and fruit.

Next you will go back to your seat and join the crew for audience participation games including a fun music film trivia. The adventure then begins as the bad pirates try to steal the ship from the good pirates. A battle ensues where you will witness pirates walking the plank. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we promise you will be highly entertained!

Once the ship arrives at Majahuitas Beach, you will have the option to get off the ship and snorkel for 30 minutes. For those who prefer to skip snorkeling in favor of more beach time, you will spend 2 hours at the beautiful beach where you will have the opportunity to kayak, paddle board, take a thrilling banana boat ride, play beach volleyball, relax in the beach chairs or swim in the azure waters. The kids can also participate in a treasure hunt. Those who opt for snorkeling will join us at the beach and spend 1.5 hours there to participate in the activities or just relax and enjoy the open bar service, including beer, sodas and mixed alcoholic drinks.

Once back onboard, you will be treated to a delicious lunch with eight menu options to choose from including: BBQ ribs, surf and turf skewers, salmon, or grilled chicken plus a national open bar. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free lunch options are available. In addition, we have a special kids menu with the option of chicken nuggets or burgers.

Dinner Marigalante Pirate Ship Tour

Lunch is followed by a pirate party and contests, where you will have loads of fun and delight in seeing the smiles on your young sailors’ faces.

The day tour is an amazing experience for people who love nature, the beach and fun!

Dinner Under the Sea Night Tour

Dinner Under the Sea Night Tour

The Dinner Under the Sea Night Tour offers the ideal way for fun-loving adults to have an unforgettable evening with entertainment, a delicious feast fit for kings (or pirates), sunset sailing, contests, dancing, an open bar and more.

Your fantasy pirate adventure around Banderas Bay begins with live music & the Drunken Pirate Show followed by competitive games and the hoisting of the sails. During the course of the evening, you’re in for a real treat with the best entertainment in the bay including fun audience participation games, and a Pirate Party.

For dinner, guests can choose between seven dinner options including: tuna, seared salmon, surf and turf, or stuffed chicken breast. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free dinner options are also available. For an outstanding meal with lobster tail, filet mignon and a deluxe open bar, you can purchase a Premium Ticket, which also allows you to be the first to board and you will be assigned the first dinner seating. Your dining time is assigned to you at check-in as dinner is offered in two different seatings.

The meal is timed to take place before the sun sets so that guests emerge from the lower level pirate tavern with enough time to refill their drinks and to catch the magnificent view of the sun sinking into the Pacific and watch how nature paints the sky with bright colors. To conclude the tour, a fantastic fireworks display will punctuate the night sky.

The cost of both the day and night tours is $99 USD for adults and $74 USD for children between the ages of 3 and 11. Children under 3 go free. Premium tickets cost is $130 USD and include priority boarding, first in line to dine, and premium menu and bar.

About the Ship

Marigalante Pirate Ship Puerto Vallarta

The Marigalante was carefully crafted between 1980-1987 and took seven years to complete. It is a replica of the Spanish galleon, the Santa Maria, sailed by Christopher Columbus. The ship was built in Veracruz and its purpose was to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the discovery of America.

In 1987, the ship sailed its maiden voyage to Santona in Cantabria, Spain. From there the ship headed to Guadalquivir to deliver 10,000 coins. These coins were placed in a chest that is now on display in the Cathedral of Seville chapel in “La Antigua”. These coins were given as a symbolic gesture to acknowledge Rodrigo de Triana, who it is widely thought actually was the first to spot the land that Christopher Columbus took the credit for.

The ship then embarked on a worldwide voyage for almost 30 years, making the equivalent of 2 1/3rd total trips around the world, which equates to 52,000 nautical miles, before making Puerto Vallarta its home and reinventing itself as an iconic pirate ship.

Recently, the Marigalante Pirate Ship received the Tripadvisor 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award, which is a great honor that ranks it among the top 10 per cent of experiences in the world!

Enthusiastic Crew

Enthusiastic Crew

The enthusiastic crew are continuously excited to bring guests aboard for an adventure on the high seas. They love to dazzle with their sword fighting, acrobatics and lively personalities.

Meet Mario Alberto Razo Peña, a professional pirate aboard the Marigalante. Mario loves being a pirate and he has worked for the Marigalante for more than two years. Prior to working here, he worked on its sister ship, The Jolly Roger, in Cancun.

Mario shares with us a little bit about his experience working for the iconic Puerto Vallarta Pirate Ship.

“My experience as a pirate, starting from the ship, is unique, because knowing the ship, feeling the movement of the tide, the wind in the navigation, is magic.

Some days I am a good pirate and some days I am a bad pirate. If I play the bad character, I strive to convey that through my body language, movement, gestures and words. I want the guests to really feel that I am the bad guy, to boo me off the stage. When I play the good guy, the Captain, I try hard to gain command and maintain leadership, having a huge presence at all times.

But the real experience is seeing guests leave with a smile. Sometimes there are people who don’t want to leave, or who want to take the crew with them. Working on the pirate ship is the best experience and I enjoy making new friends here every day and above all, making people laugh and ensuring that they have the best time. I want their experience with us to be the highlight of their vacation and to leave a lasting impression.”

Join Mario and the rest of the ship’s crew aboard the Marigalante Pirate ship. It is a top excursion for those seeking action-packed adventure. You are sure to enjoy an exhilaratingentertainment experience that you will not find anywhere else. For those who have long dreamed of living a pirate’s life, here is your chance! They say once a pirate, always a pirate. Come and be pirates with us and delight in an extraordinary adventure on the high seas! If you are seeking the best accommodation while visiting Puerto Vallarta, Garza Blanca Resort has it all.


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