Garza Blanca Beach in Puerto Vallarta

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa is located in one of the most privileged spots in the whole of Banderas Bay. The certified beach at Garza Blanca has long been considered one of Puerto Vallarta’s most stunning beaches, with its enviable soft white sand and turquoise waters mixed with sapphire hues that are more comparable to the Caribbean than the Pacific. Garza Blanca Beach and those beaches in its immediate surroundings enjoy sand that feels like talcum powder underfoot and crystal clear water flanked by palm trees and majestic tropical mountains.

Despite being spoiled by having limitless access to one of the most idyllic beaches in the area, guests at Garza Blanca frequently enjoy exploring other beaches in the area such aslaya Pemelas, Playa Conchas Chinas, Mismaloya and Los Muertos. Below you will find a brief guide to help you choose which beaches to discover on your next vacation at Garza Blanca.

Playa Gemelas

A quiet, tranquil beach with infrequent beach vendors and tour sellers, Playa Gemelas is perfect for taking a picnic just a few minutes from Garza Blanca. Boasting clean water and mild surf, it a great beach for swimming and playing in the sea. As there are no public facilities here, you do need to make sure you bring plenty of water and supplies for the day.

Playa Gemelas at Puerto Vallarta

Playa Conchas Chinas

Away from the crowds but still close to Downtown Puerto Vallarta, Playa Conchas Chinas is a rocky cove with sandy inlets that offer idyllic spots for sunbathing and relaxation. Not as busy as the Downtown beaches, some vendors will pass offering fruit, shrimp and other fare.

Playa Conchas Chinas in Puerto Vallarta


Mismaloya Beach is famous for its part in the filming of Tennessee Williams’ movie adaptation, The Night of the Iguana in the 1960s. Director John Huston shot the beach to fame when filming started and stars such as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Deborah Kerr, and Eva Gardner descended upon Puerto Vallarta. Nowadays, Mismaloya makes a great day out, although there are more pleasant beaches for spending the afternoon sunbathing and lounging.

Mismaloya in Puerto Vallarta

Los Muertos Beach

This public beach is located on the south side of Puerto Vallarta in the Old Town area. It is beach buzzing with life, tourists, vendors, live music and bright swimwear. It is a beach for socializing and being seen, with a string of bars, restaurants and beach clubs offering loungers for the day and cocktails all night. You will also see the new pier where you can take water taxis and hire boats to take you to secluded beaches along the southern shore.

Playa los Muertos Beach in Puerto Vallarta