It really doesn’t matter if you schedule yourself day or evening boat trips in Puerto Vallarta, you are guaranteed a fabulous excursion. There are a variety of exciting boat trips in Puerto Vallarta available for the whole family as well as romantic cruises for lovers.  Boat trips in Puerto Vallarta allow you to experience the awe-inspiring coastal region while taking a peek at some of Puerto Vallarta’s secluded beach property.  

Any boat excursion you choose is destined to be filled with lots of adventure and fun.  Most boat trips in Puerto Vallarta will offer you yummy cocktails, snorkeling activities, swimming opportunities, maybe a little dancing, music and lunch/dinner.  You can order your boat trips in Puerto Vallarta on the internet, or you can have the Garza Blanca travel agent book one for you when you arrive. Check out the various boat trip packages listed below that you can enjoy while having fun in Puerto Vallarta.


Marigalante Boat Trips in Puerto Vallarta

If you are looking for a hearty family cruise, you might want to try the Marigalante pirate ship for lots of fun and entertainment, designed to give you a taste of real pirate life. You can chose from day or evening boat trips on the Marigalante, both suitable for all the family.  During the day, the pirate ship becomes an adventure boat in search of treasure, entertaining with a host of games, water sports, treasure hunts, and more. At night, the Marigalante becomes the scene for a glittering pirate show where performers will entertain you with a variety of stunts and vocal performances, while you feast on gourmet dishes and cocktails. And for the more adventurous pirate fans, there are opportunities to participate in various parts of the show. Dance the night away to fine music and admire the Puerto Vallarta coast while watching a pirate battle scene.

Las Animas Boat Cruise

The Las Animas Boat Cruise is a popular cruise that provides water sport lovers with a lot of aquatic fun. When you first start the journey at the Los Arcos National underwater national park, you will  get a chance to snorkel. Instructors will provide life jackets and snorkels for those desiring to go snorkeling to see the awesome marine life there. When you reach your destination—Las Animas beach—you can go kayaking, have a full lunch, play volleyball and swim. And just when you thought the fun was over, there will be more karaoke, more dancing, and more drinking while en route to Puerto Vallarta. One of the best family boat trips in Puerto Vallarta.


Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise

This is probably one of the most romantic boat trips in Puerto Vallarta. The Rhythm of the Night Cruise is a magical journey packed with romance and relaxation for romantic partners or tour groups. The magical journey begins with you sailing along the enchanted coastline to the remote cove of Las Caletas.  As you arrive, you will hear the sounds of drums emanating from the amphitheater hidden in the jungle leading you to where the show will take place depicting accounts of ancient Mexico through music and modern dance performances. Afterwards you can enjoy a candlelit dinner while watching the stars, until you return to your departure point.


Las Marietas

Boat trip to a remote beach will have you setting sail to Las Marietas islands. Thanks to the byproduct of a volcanic explosion that happened thousands of years ago, Las Marietas islands were born and has become a paradise destination for many boat trips in Puerto Vallarta. The whole family can enjoy this cruise and participate in activities such as dancing and water sports while enjoying the open bar. This yacht will provide an awesome view of marine animals like dolphins, humpback whales (winter season only) and manta rays swimming alongside the boat as you head to the remote beach hidden at the center of the islands. If you want to go snorkeling, a guide will help you find the perfect spot to enjoy your water fun and catch some more marine life. This boat cruise is destined to be a favorite for those who love watersports and swimming and for those who love fun on board.

Princess Sunset Cruise

The name says it all: a sunset cruise fit for royalty! This two and a half hour sunset cruise is the perfect suggestion for those desiring to have a romantic escape from the rest of reality. Enjoy the beauty of watching the sun go down while peacefully sailing on the waters. Then share a moment of passion and fine drinks at the open bar while admiring the view of the bay at night. Also, take a moment to go down to the lower deck and really have some fine entertainment. There is sure to be plenty of dancing and excitement when you enter the lower deck region, so be prepared to get your feet wet on the dance floor! This may be a relatively short cruise, but it is definitely one to remember.

Enjoying boat trips in Puerto Vallarta is one of the many pleasures that you can enjoy will visiting Banderas Bay on vacation. Check out other tours and plan a fun-packed itinerary for your stay.