Puerto Vallarta
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Canopy Zipline Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

What is better than the feeling you get when flying through the air on a zipline over the tops of tropical trees and looking down on native animals, meandering rivers and deep canyons? That’s what you get when you experience a canopy zipline adventure in Puerto Vallarta. Some may compare the thrilling experience to a scene from an action movie while to others it is an adventure waiting to happen and to share with your loved ones and best friends.

Canopy Zipline Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

Some of the best canopy tours available in Mexico are situated in and around the exotic location of Puerto Vallarta. The city has a great mixture of culture and sandy beaches but the surrounding mountainous jungle with its exotic wildlife is an ideal setting for these adventure tours. There are numerous reputable canopy tours on offer in Puerto Vallarta which operate in the protected forest outside the city.

One of the longest and fastest zip lines in Mexico is located in the Northern area of the region where you can zip along 1,200 meters of zipline with speeds reaching a staggering 100 kilometers per hour. There are others located in the southern part of the bay as well. Whichever one you choose, you and your loved ones can face adventure head on and have an exceptional experience which you will remember for many years to come. Ask the tour agents onsite at Garza Blanca to recommend the best tours.

When enjoying a canopy tour in Mexico, you may be screaming from the thrill of the ride, the sky high adventure and exhilaration, but one thing is for certain, by sharing your experiences with your favorite people, you will be full of renewed energy that can bring you closer together. A canopy tour in Puerto Vallarta will get the adrenalin flowing and can create memories that will last long after your blood pressure has returned to normal.