It should come as no surprise that a destination as popular as Puerto Vallarta is teeming with incredible opportunities to experience something different than what we are accustomed to.  While few visit the incredible destinations of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, without reveling in the natural beauty of the landscape, relaxing in the comforts of some of the most luxurious resorts in the world and enjoying some of the most divine cuisine on the planet, it is the nightlife that has been winning over the masses as of late.  

The once quaint town of Puerto Vallarta is now dominating the scene with an array of nightly adventures suitable for visitors with a diverse array of interests.  Club hopping, leisurely evening strolls and exciting night tours are turning the city of Puerto Vallarta into a 24 hour-a-day playground. Visitors looking to relax during the day and live it up at night are in for a royal treat as bars and nightclubs continue setting the scene with an assorted collection of nightly venues.  

The Malecon

Hit the Malecon in the evening and choose between Mandala, the Zoo, La Vaquita and others for a high-energy evening with friends.  As you walk along the mile-long promenade at the center of town, the lively beats of the DJ’s spinning their sets will indicate the right venue to suit your mood.  Dance your heart away with the salsa dancers at La Bodeguita del Medio, experience the Spring Break in Vallarta style at Senor Frogs or sip on Mezcal at Bar Morelos.  The best part about the Malecon is that you can experience it all without having to jump in a cab or walk too far.  



There are other hot spots popping up throughout the city that are rivaling the popularity of the bars and nightclubs located on the Malecon.  While more popular among the younger generations, places like Strana and La Santa are enticing with their high tech sound equipment and incredible ambiance.  El Solar, a small bar located on the beach near the center of town is another great place to spend the evening.  Open until 2 or 3am, it is a more laid-back alternative for individuals looking for a great time without worrying about a fancy dress code or high priced drinks.  

A quiet nightcap

For the traveler looking for a simple nightcap or a relaxing evening stroll, the Malecon is probably the best option.  Visitors can start at the beginning of the strip and work their way all the way to the charming streets of “old town,” stopping at a variety of cafes, ice cream shops or street vendors if they should choose.  This excellent people watching location is the perfect place for a safe evening stroll, where one can appreciate the charming culture and a refreshing reprieve from the hot tropical sun.  

Something bit different

If you’re looking for something a bit different, the nightlife of Puerto Vallarta has a slew of exciting alternatives that will take your nights and turn them into extraordinary events.  Visit Teatro Vallarta, the theater at the center of town, or Act II Entertainment/STAGES Theater in “old town” for a cultural treat.  Jump on one of the nightly tours that put a twist on partying the night away.  The Marigalante Pirate Ship tour and Rhythms of the Night are two excellent excursions that will put the fun in your Puerto Vallarta vacation.  

In a town that never sleeps, the options are endless.