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Experiencing the Magic of Mexico in San Sebastian del Oeste

Experiencing the Magic of Mexico in San Sebastian del Oeste

Blanketing the Mexican countryside is a majestic feeling that enamors visitors and wins the hearts of all those who travel throughout the Latin nation. While the ever popular tourist destinations of Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas rake in the majority of international tourism with their stunning beachfront locales and endless entertainment, there are other magical towns throughout Mexico that offer insight into the charming culture and rich history of the people. These Pueblos Magicos, as recognized by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism, offer an extraordinary opportunity to get to know the real Mexico and the brilliance of its people.

Pueblos Mágicos

Pueblos Mágicos is a program that was created in 2001 to recognize and promote the various villages throughout Mexico that attract a great deal of tourism due to their natural beauty, cultural riches and historical relevance. The program allows places like San Sebastian del Oeste, an old mining town founded in 1605 just an hour and a half from Puerto Vallarta, to shine for all those who visit the area. As one of the many magical villages throughout Mexico, this quaint town will treat you to a distinct Mexican experience that is sure to have you falling in love with its enormous charm and simple lifestyle.

San Sebastian

Whether taking a day trip from Puerto Vallarta or staying for a week, there are plenty of things to do in San Sebastian. Surrounded by the lush Sierra de la Madre Mountains, this beautiful town is the perfect escape from the heat of nearby Puerto Vallarta. Spend hours roaming around, admiring the moss covered buildings and beautiful architecture of the mining era. Enjoy the plaza at the center of town, where trails of fragrant trees and a small stream create a calming sensation. Head up to Cerro de la Bufa for amazing views of the sunset and a mystical experience amongst the clouds. Or visit Quinta Mary for an exquisite cup of coffee and a chance to see the 100% organic production process. However you fill your days, be sure to the embrace the tranquility of the experience, which will transport you through time to days when electricity and modernity were nonexistent.

Parque San Sebastian del Oeste

Every inch of this beautiful town is blanketed in the glory of yesteryears. Once a thriving mining town of 20,000, the now just 600 inhabitants will spend their days making sure you enjoy your stay, so sit back, relax and let the magic of San Sebastian take your breath away. Why not book a tour to explore this beautiful Pueblo Mágico on your next visit to Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta.

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