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Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta Receives Preverisk COVID-19 Safety Certification

preverisk certification for garza blanca preserve

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was recently awarded the Preverisk Certification, which verifies COVID-19 safety measures and other hospitality industry safety measures in place at the resort.

What is Preverisk Certification?

Preverisk Group is an international consulting agency that specializes in health and safety auditing and training for the tourism industry.

They conduct inspections and issue certifications for hotels and resorts, checking metrics such as social distancing, cleaning and disinfection, COVID-19 hygiene, use of personal protective equipment, crisis management skills and policies, quarantine protocols, as well as fire safety, gas safety food hygiene, management procedures, water systems, pool safety and hygiene, wastewater systems, laundry systems, and pest control.

garza blanca in puerto vallarta

Auditors from Preverisk visited Garza Blanca, checked the resort’s policies and behaviors in all areas of safety, verified the resort is in compliance with national and international standards, and awarded the resort the official Preverisk Certification.

The certification confirms that measures aimed at preventing or mitigating the possible spread of COVID-19 among guests, staff and visitors have been implemented and are functioning effectively. The certification also verifies that preventive measures comply with national regulations as well as international recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and other international authorities.

The Preverisk certification confirms as well that the resort is up to date and following proper safety measures in all other areas not related to COVID-19 such as fire safety, pool safety, etc.

TAFER Resorts Commitment to Excellence

Independent audits and safety certifications are very important to TAFER Hotels & Resorts for all of our resorts, including Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta, Garza Blanca Resorts in other destinations, and all of the resorts in the TAFER portfolio. Independent safety certifications show our guests that we are committed to upholding the highest quality hospitality standards in every area of our business.

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It is also important to us that we communicate such news and information to our guests and members through our websites, newsletters, and social media platforms and other communications channels. We want our community to know that we are always striving to create the safest and most luxurious environments for your vacations. This has always been part of our mission at TAFER Resorts, and we work every day to maintain this goal now more than ever.

To learn more about the numerous certifications TAFER Resorts properties have received in areas of safety and quality standards, please visit our resorts’ websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media pages.