Puerto Vallarta

Discover why Puerto Vallarta is one of the most amazing tropical destinations: best whale watching, best beaches in Mexico, the Sierra Madre and more.

Puerto Vallarta

La Guadalupana Procession

There are few examples of Mexico’s colorful traditions and intriguing customs that compare with the splendor of La Guadalupana . The Guadalupana is a cherished procession that involves communities from all over Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas which takes place…

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s ArtWalk

Each Wednesday evening from October through May, art lovers visiting Puerto Vallarta can take part in the weekly ArtWalk. Puerto Vallarta’s ArtWalk is a casual event where tourists on vacation can meet local artists and gallery owners over a glass…

Turtle Season Begins
Puerto Vallarta

Sea Turtles to the Rescue

The sight of hundreds of baby turtles scurrying for their lives towards the ocean across Garza Blanca’s soft white sand is an Instagram opportunity you just don’t want to miss. The magical moment when marine turtles embark on their arduous…

Puerto Vallarta's Revamped Malecón
Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s Revamped Malecón

You cannot visit Puerto Vallarta without falling in love with its picturesque seafront boardwalk, the “Malecón” with its souvenir shops, jewelers, tequila stores, bars and restaurants all eager to thrill you with Mexican traditions. One of Puerto Vallarta‘s most distinguishing…