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Playa Las Gemelas: a small paradise a few minutes from Garza Blanca

Playa Las Gemelas: a small paradise a few minutes from Garza Blanca

The Banderas Bay area has a large number of beaches. Some are well known and others not that much. Some are bustling and in others you can enjoy a more relaxed and private escape. But, all of them have their particular charm.

Playa Las Gemelas is a good example. This beautiful beach with a calm atmosphere, turquoise-clear water and golden sand is just a few minutes south of Garza Blanca. Its name in Spanish is translated as “Twin Beaches” as they’re two small beaches next to each other, that form a single area to enjoy a quiet escape in paradise. Each beach has an approximate length of 100 meters, and are separated by a rock wall that rises out from the sand, which makes one of them easily accessible, while the other requires a bit of hiking. To the latter arrive fewer people whose reward is to enjoy a more private and exclusive beach.  

Why visit Playa Las Gemelas?



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It’s always nice to discover new places and Playa Las Gemelas is one of the most beautiful beaches in the south of Puerto Vallarta.

It’s far from the hustle and bustle of Vallarta’s downtown area, so there are no large numbers of people, nor do you see the typical beach vendors (souvenirs, clothes, food, among other things) which are on the busiest beaches. This allows enjoying a more private and relaxed vibe.

Besides, waves at Playa Las Gemelas are usually very calm, so its waters are ideal for swimming or kayaking.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best beaches to enjoy with the family. Visit it and discover another of Banderas Bay’s jewels.


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To take into account…

It’s important to keep in mind that visitors who arrive at this beautiful beach should bring anything they wish to drink and eat; as we have said, here you won’t find vendors, nor restaurants or any other type of food and beverage services. Anything that you and your family may want and need can be easily packed into your beach day bundle or purchased from Garza Blanca onsite gift shop. Also, don’t forget your sunblock and towels. 

Last but not least, it’s also necessary to know that there are no public restrooms, so be prepared to spend a pleasant time on this beautiful beach, but head back to the hotel when you need it.

Go and enjoy a pleasant afternoon with all your family at Playa Las Gemelas!