Los Muertos Pier for Boat Trips in Puerto Vallarta

If you are a long-time lover of Puerto Vallarta, then you will probably have noticed the wonderful renovations that have been made to Los Muertos pier over recent years. Completed in 2013, many new visitors to Puerto Vallarta will not have seen the ramshackle state the pier was in before the renovations. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy the new construction that serves as the architectural focal point of Banderas Bay on one of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beaches.

Puerto Vallarta’s Pier at Los Muertos Beach

This new pier was designed by architect Jose de Jesus Torres Vega, winner of the Biannual Architecture Prize. It sits in place of the old pier on Los Muertos Beach and was built as a part of the renewal of the whole downtown area of Puerto Vallarta which included the new Malecon boardwalk, completed in 2011.

The architect based the design of the pier on a sail that winds around the end of the pier and, from some angles, actually looks like a complete boat. At night the sail lights up in varied colors that can be seen from miles away and make the perfect backdrop to any romantic walk along the beach at night. All along the pier there are benches built into the very structure, which allow visitors to sit and contemplate the city, the ocean and their experiences.

Form Follows Function

Los Muertos Pier

It’s not just beautiful, though; the Puerto Vallarta pier serves functionally as a dropping off and pick up point for boats which will take you to nearby islands and beaches like Las Animas, Yelapa and Las Marietas Islands. You’ll also find that many fishing and adventure activities will leave from Los Muertos Pier, too.

In just a short time the new, colorful Los Muertos pier has become iconic in Puerto Vallarta. You’ll see images of it on postcards, in paintings and throughout vacation brochures. The revitalization of the Malecon and pier has helped to modernize Puerto Vallarta and increase its standing as a world class vacation destination. This is a spot you’ll want to visit at least once, even if it’s only to make use of this wonderful photo opportunity.