Puerto Vallarta
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Security Update – Puerto Vallarta Continues to be Safe for Visitors

Puerto Vallarta Safe

The United States recently released a new travel advisory for its citizens regarding trips to Mexico. And while the security alerts for the country continue to cause concern, we are happy to confirm that there are no travel restrictions for popular tourist areas such as Puerto Vallarta. This beautiful haven of warm weather, lush tropical jungle-covered mountains and the sparkling waters of Banderas Bay make the city one of the most sought-after destinations in the country and has long been one of the friendliest and safest places to spend a vacation in Mexico. In fact, Puerto Vallarta was not named on the travel list of places to avoid last time, either. This means that there is absolutely no need to worry about planning your next vacation to Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa!


Safety is Top Priority in Puerto Vallarta

Since Puerto Vallarta is such a popular spot for tourists to visit, the local officials have made the safety of the city a top priority. It has always been renowned for being a safe place to visit, and the efforts of the local and state police forces have no doubt played a part in ensuring the area is a welcoming place for travelers from around the world. There are various specialty forces who are constantly on patrol to make sure everyone is safe and secure. It might seem a bit strange to see at first, but the abundance of police on patrol is a good thing; they have been given the task of ensuring that no one, tourist or local, has to worry about their safety.


Tips for a Safe Trip

Brushing up on your travel safety isn’t just important when you are about to spend a vacation in Mexico; these tips are useful when traveling anywhere in the world, including your home country! Above all else, using common sense and staying alert are your best assets when keeping yourself safe. If you choose to drive, it is a good idea to do your road travel during the day. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to leave nighttime driving to a taxi or Uber driver.

If you visit any local nightclubs, casinos or local bars, be cautious and designate someone in your travel group to remain sober and keep an eye on everyone; it is also a good idea to stick together. When you visit an ATM (we strongly advise using only those that are found at banks or located at your resort), be vigilant about shielding the screen and keypad as you withdraw money. Try not to carry excessive amounts of cash with you; likewise, avoid wearing flashy or expensive jewelry or watches as this will draw unwanted attention to you.


Feel Secure at Garza Blanca

One of the great benefits of staying at the splendid Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa is that the property is completely private and exclusive to its guests. You and your loved ones can relax in the lap of luxury knowing that the property you are staying at is extremely secure. There are guarded gates at the entrances of the resort to make sure that only guests are permitted. You will not have to worry for a moment about your safety when you are at Garza Blanca.

As you can see, Puerto Vallarta continues to be safe for visitors, so why not book your next vacation to Garza Blanca and enjoy a splendid stay in paradise!