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Weddings Pictures in Cenotes of Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya Wedding Photography – Cenotes

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Table of Contents

So, you’re planning the biggest and best day of your life in the Riviera Maya; your wedding is such a special day, and it’s important that you have great memories to enjoy in years to come. A destination wedding is one way to make it really special, but the opportunities don’t end there. The Riviera Maya has something that not many places do; access to stunning and “other-worldly” cenotes. People of all ages and descriptions have been taking advantage of these natural wonders, recently, by having some or all of their wedding album shot in one of these amazing spaces. Here’s what you need to know about cenotes or cenote based wedding photography;

What are Cenotes?

Cenotes, in a basic, geological sense, are subterranean lagoons or wells, often connected to larger underground systems, which were created by the collapse of a porous limestone bedrock. The result is a stunning crater filled with clear, pure water which has been filtered by the earth. Often they are filled with hanging vines, gorgeous tropical trees, and unusual rock formations. To the Maya, however, these were gateways through which one can communicate with the Gods. In fact, the word cenote means “sacred well”.

Trash the Dress Wedding Photography

One of the most popular traditions of cenote wedding photography these days is one called “trashing the dress”. This might sound ominous, but it’s actually quite lovely and results in some utterly stunning wedding snaps. The idea is that the couple get into the crystalline cenote waters in their full regalia for an underwater photo. While it may seem excessive to ruin a dress for some photos the exceptional clarity of the water means that a good camera can pick up even the smallest of details. This means that the resulting photos can be ethereal, utterly beautiful, and will definitely be unforgettable. You’re not trading a dress for photos, but rather for a once in a lifetime experience, wonderful memories, and stunning mementos.

Steamy Couples Shots

Many people already have a vision for what their wedding day will be, and this can include the photos, but if you’re one of those who is undecided or open to suggestions you might try this… many couples are opting to have a few steamy photos too. Whether this is a shot of the bride in some lovely lingerie or the couple doing a tasteful nude shot together, this has become a popular option. In either case it’s all about what you want and need from the experience so don’t be afraid to assert yourself.

Showcase your love with a stunning cenote photoshoot after your wedding; these are photos unlike any others!


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