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Wedding Invitations

In the sweet aftermath of the wedding proposal, you will need to start the harder task of defining key aspects of your wedding, primarily: when and where will it take place? How much can you spend and who is invited?…


Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are a common tradition in virtually all cultures, ranging from the original dowry that a father would pay his future son-in-law to gifts given by generous well-wishers. Traditionally, wedding gifts were intended to help the bridal couple furnish…

Honeymoon Package at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta

About Honeymoon

If you are planning your wedding, then you are probably also thinking about where you would like to go on your honeymoon following your nuptials. Choosing the right honeymoon to suit you and your soon-to-be spouse is one of the…

Transportation at Weddings Hotel Garza Blanca

Transportation at Weddings

When we think about transportation for weddings, most of us consider how the bride and groom are going to make their entrance, or how the wedding party are going to all fit into one limousine. However, there are other more…

Luxury Cars and Your Grand Arrival Weddings Garza Blanca

Luxury Cars and Your Grand Arrival

How you arrive to your wedding will obviously depend on the location of your nuptials. For example, destination weddings in hotels will save you money on paying out for luxury cars or a horse and carriage to get you to…

Bands at your Wedding Hotel Garza Blanca

Bands at your Wedding

The right band for your wedding will depend greatly on the theme of your nuptials as well as your musical tastes and those of the majority of your guests. There are also various moments during your big day where you…