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Planning A Wedding During COVID-19

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Planning a wedding during COVID-19 can be as important as selecting the right spouse! When we think about all the factors that can normally influence us – in terms of setting expectations for a wedding day – throwing a coronavirus pandemic into the mix can add pressure.

If hotels have a message, it’s an encouraging one; to plan again, seek the romance, and know the pleasure of planning a wedding during COVID.

There are still perfectly aligned memories to be made. In a modern epilogue to the drama of COVID, a 2021 wedding can still become perfection.

Changing the Way We Get Married

It used to be that top hoteliers and wedding planners flaunted their status by hosting the biggest weddings imaginable. But right now, wedding planners are creating new waters, by changing weddings and changing lives.

get married during covid

During COVID-19, hotel employees have gained expertise in exceptional customer service, all-inclusive packages, and different wedding ideas, all while protecting the safety of loved ones and wedding vendors.

From micro-weddings to socially distanced tables, the logistics of planning a wedding during COVID-19 has become an honorary task for those who bring it all together – and it’s working.

It can be intimidating, but the payoff is huge, meaning there are more wedding options than you’ve probably imagined. Redefining how we get married, Mexico is one of the most romantic destinations to get married in, and planning a wedding during COVID-19 is still entirely possible.

Love Isn’t Cancelled

Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta is a resort that can adjust to your needs. This luxury resort stands on a secluded stretch of beach on the south shore of Banderas Bay and is one of the most dreamy locations for your ideal wedding with several wedding packages available.

safe wedding at garza blanca resorts

The energy and the creative legacy for dream weddings lives on. For every tiny detail, you can think of, our devoted Wedding Coordinator will be happy to assist.

Safety protocols are still in place with social distancing in public areas, hand sanitizer provided and masks worn as necessary.

The vision of the management and staff has been fundamental in keeping up with the constant evolution of the COVID-19 situation, therefore, Garza Blanca provides discounted on-site COVID-19 tests for all guests, so vacations can be worry-free.

Your wedding day can be a story to celebrate. So with fist-pumping love, and heart-holding greetings, here are some extra tips and resources.

All in A Day’s Fun

Resort and wedding activities have been adapted to be COVID-safe.

Whether you want religious contemplation or the wildest of celebrations, you can discover the freedom to personalize your wedding day. The guarantee ~ it will be nothing short of magical.

Open spaces are available throughout the resort, for entertainment and fun. You can marvel at Mexican artistry by having local performers delight wedding guests on arrival.

Tropical cocktails will be served wherever guests gather, fashioned with craft tequilas and mezcal. Champagne will flow – it’s already on ice!

Zoom weddings for the ceremony can be arranged, so there’s no need for those on your guest list who have decided not to travel to feel isolated or even challenged from joining in.

Access to your ceremony is everything, and whole cross-sections of your family can still come together to enjoy uninterrupted, unlimited, digital access to your nuptials. Guests both present and at home can unite.

A Zoom wedding is a unique experience – a wedding that’s a show, not a video. It’s like a world unto itself, where lovers of time, technology, beauty, and romance all meet. Everyone can marvel at the paradisiacal beauty, and see and feel the love.

Bring on the Night

You are invited to relax in the world-class spa for romantic treatments, dine in any of the gourmet restaurants, or lounge beside the luxurious pools. Everything awaits!

Mariachi bands, delicious feasts, and options for admiring impressive sunsets will delight. Think round tables with white linens, beautiful exotic flowers, and white Tiffany chairs.

night activities

How about fireworks, or hundreds of serene candles? Or a DJ with pulsating rhythms, for dancing at a distance.

Or perhaps individual wedding cakes, fun photoshoots, or a couples massage on the beach? Wedding nights are waiting to happen, under the twinkling stars.

The differences are crystal clear, but wedding plans can still go beyond destinations and surpass expectations to shine a light on a world that beautifully and elegantly redefines how we get married.

Save the Date

A 2021 wedding can still be yours with memories that will last a lifetime. When you think about all the cultural factors that can influence, in terms of setting the scene for a wedding to be remembered, Mexico is one of the best ideas.

Mexico is still easy to visit, with friends and family welcome, and Garza Blanca Resort in Puerto Vallarta is a hotel that can meet your needs, with facilities to support every type of wedding.

Don’t be that couple who postponed their wedding. Keep checking wedding websites for inspiration. The decrease in Coronavirus cases in Puerto Vallarta is very promising and your big day can still go ahead. Wedding dates are filling up, and wedding wishes are always our command.

The future of weddings in Mexico is so bright that you will still need your sunglasses – and maybe just a couple of rings!


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