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Romantic Spots to Propose at Garza Blanca Los Cabos

Romantic Spots to Propose at Garza Blanca Los Cabos

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Los Cabos is an area that includes the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and the area that connects them called The Corridor. It is one of the most romantic spots to propose that you could ever imagine.

Whimsical travel around this area is unique. On the West side of the peninsula, you have the Pacific Ocean and on the East side the Sea of Cortez.

Proposing marriage in Los Cabos is a ritual that has transcended decades. Much has changed through the years, but what remains constant is the mesmerizing appeal of sand, water, and sunsets.

Romantic resorts in Los Cabos are plentiful, and one of the best is Garza Blanca Resort & Spa Los Cabos, offering an oceanside escape, perfectly blended with modern amenities.

Popping the question will be one of the biggest moments of your life so let’s take a look at some perfect spots in and around Garza Blanca Los Cabos that are guaranteed to get you engaged. We’ve even compiled some ideas to get you started on your quest for coastal romance.

Take to the Water

Close to the resort is the city of Cabo San Lucas, located at the very end and southernmost point of the peninsula. It is also home to the famous icon, The Arch, in Spanish: “El Arco,” a natural stone arch known throughout the world as a symbol of Los Cabos and its natural beauty.


Rent a yacht or sailboat for the day and spend it hopping from one beach and cove to the next, making sure to stop next to El Arco. Enjoy a glass of wine as the sun slips behind the arch as a backdrop, and right at that moment pop the question.

Romantic Places to Eat

Our fine-dining restaurants – Blanca Blue adorned with chandeliers, Bocados Steak House, complete with a galactic ceiling, and Hiroshi, with its outside terrace, all have romantic atmospheres, and are wonderful proposal locations.

A romantic dinner can be tailored to your needs. Why not let us invent a drink in your honor and call it after your love. We can present it as a surprise, and seconds later you get down on one knee!


We can organize a solo singer, or a full mariachi band to show up at your table. For the rest of your lives together as a couple, you will cherish the love song and music they performed as you remember the place where your journey began.

What’s on the menu? Within our dining spots to pop the question, Blanca Blue serves dishes such as Scallops Tiradito, Huauzontle Tarts, Fried Octopus, or Duck Crackling and Mole.

Bocados Steak House serves a Signature Orange Tree Dessert named after the Orange Tree on their deck. The tree symbolizes a moment in time. Or you order the Chocolate Fondant with white chocolate emulsion, and your waiter can ask the pastry chef to write, “Will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce around the rim of the plate, for your own sweet moment in time to share.

In Hiroshi, there are 130 Japanese dishes on the menu. Yet you may wish to ask for the ‘specials’ menu. The waiter will then come back with the sheet of paper you’ve planted, that reads your marriage proposal message.

Home is Where the Heart is

If the love of your life is not into shows of exhibitionism, you can still bring out a ring of spellbinding beauty, but in private instead. Romantic spots to propose in our hotel include the lofts and penthouses because they are all designed to feel just like home.


We can transform your residence into a tropical paradise, where you can wrap yourselves in each other’s arms in front of the views of the ocean. You can lean close and whisper that falling in love was a very good idea and that spending the rest of your lives together would be even better.

Roses, candles, and champagne can be organized, or a romantic dinner with a private chef. Why not turn off the lights in your suite and make a trail of candles that leads to a circle of votives positioned around your jacuzzi on your terrace? When he or she steps into the bubbles you already have the perfect proposal location right there.

Climb High

The Rooftop is one of the most romantic spots to propose in our resort, where world-class hospitality and Mexican charm, blend into an unforgettable experience.

Just standing at the top of the Rooftop, you are treated to a jaw-dropping view that can only be described as magnificent. From here, it feels as if you are looking out at a painting.


Once up there, ask as many people as you can beforehand including bar staff and waiters to cheer when you get the ‘yes’. Everyone will be delighted to be in on the secret, and there on the Rooftop, there will be a whole new vibe.

If you wish, you can even set up a live-stream channel and invite all your friends and family to watch the proposal in real-time. One thing – remember to slip away quietly together into the infinity pool, to float under a blanket of stars. It is a swoon-worthy proposal spot like no other.


Choose a special location such as one of our multiple outdoor terraces, fire pits, or lounges, or even beside our famed signature Orange Tree. Once you’ve chosen your perfect spot, ask someone nearby to take a photo of you both and drop to one knee instead of posing. For a really unique proposal idea, why not get down on one knee in the pool with the transparent edge and get someone to stand outside and record your unique underwater proposal?


Or arrange a romantic spot to propose through the hotel concierge – the lobby and courtyard are recommended – and have a street caricaturist visit. Have the caricaturist sketch a picture of you two with word bubbles that say, “Will you marry me?” and “Yes!’’

Passers-by will be beaming!

A treasure hunt that ends with your marriage proposal is fun. Start with a handwritten note that leads to a tour of your favorite spots all over the hotel. When they find the ring, remember to ask, how did you find a handsome spouse like me?

Make A Splash

Many marriage proposals at Garza Blanca Los Cabos take place on the beach. Dramatic backdrops of the pristine azure waters and deliciously warm weather make spelling out in the sand “Will you marry me?” a no-brainer.

Having a picnic on the beach, complete with wine, cheese, and champagne can help you stumble upon this surprise! Rose petals dotted along to the proposal spot are a cute touch.


Or write a message of love on a piece of paper, roll it into an antique-looking, glass bottle with a cork, and bury it in the sand near your picnic. Find the perfect spot in advance. Be sure you “find” the bottle as you dig together, and be ready with the ring.

In the evening you can have a fireworks display over the ocean, or if something quieter is desired, an intimate bonfire, lit by our staff, is a sweet idea for your sweetheart. The beach is definitely one of the most romantic spots to propose and our team will be delighted to help you create the perfect marriage proposal adding white linens, a table and chairs, hundreds of candles – whatever your heart desires, you can have.

Stress-Free Sentiment

We recommend rewarding yourselves at the hotel’s Spa Imagine, where the therapists will revive you with tender, loving care. There are plenty of couple’s treatments to choose from, and if a day at the spa sounds like your partner’s idea of perfection, why not incorporate it into your proposal? You can book them in for a manicure, and when checking out the result, slip on that ring!


Our staff also believe that romance is a job requirement and that the most precious heirlooms are memories. Magic-making in Mexico – that’s what we do!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our grand gesture ideas, and we hope you now have some inspiration for romantic spots to propose. Here’s to heartfelt returns when you come back for your wedding.

At Garza Blanca, we are tradition, we are seaside, we are Mexico! And we are one of the best places to propose in Los Cabos.


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