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The Evolution of Spas

Top 5 Spa Treatments at Spa Imagine

The buffering our faces and bodies give us as we journey through life is truly amazing. Therefore, we all continually need maintenance. And what better place can you imagine to repair yourself than a visit to a Spa Imagine in one of the Garza Blanca resorts? Nowhere that we can imagine anyway! That’s why we’ve assembled for you a list of the top 5 spa treatments by popularity and gleaned insider knowledge on practices and explanations, so you know exactly what delights to expect.

Self love phrases

Improving your Self-Worth through Self-Love Affirmations

You are able to change your reality through changing your mindset and a great tool to do this is by using self-love affirmations. If you are a person who struggles with confidence, self-love is the key to a happy and healthy life; it is very important to cultivate a better relationship with yourself. When we have a better self-esteem and we can accept and love ourselves just as we are, our external world starts improving.

The Evolution of Spas

The Evolution of Spas from Early History to Revolutionary Spa Technology

Visiting a spa is a great way to relax and increase wellness by experiencing the many different treatment options available. Treatments usually range from relaxing massages to beauty enhancements, and even medical grade therapies. The evolution of spas has a long history dating back as far as prehistoric times. While spas have certainly evolved over time, they have always been based on the healing powers of water. Today, spas are moving towards using revolutionary spa technology along with ancient rituals,

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Guest Review of Spa Imagine

I recently visited Spa Imagine, the luxury spa at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I wanted to share my experience at the spa as a pregnant woman. I am currently the mother of a two-year old daughter and I’m three months pregnant with my second child. I know how important it is to nurture your body and soothe your mind while pregnant. I hope that you will enjoy my guest review of Spa Imagine.

Wellness 2019 at Spa Imagine

November was a very special month at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. From November 18th to 30th, Spa Imagine hosted its annual wellness program, Wellness 2019. Marisol Arreola, our Spa Manager, developed an integrative wellness program designed to align physical, mental and spiritual health with a variety of spa treatments, dynamic workouts and meditation experiences. The program provided guests with the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate themselves with a balance of wellness and leisure activities. To enrich our guests’ experience at Wellness 2019, we invited a number of inspiring wellness experts, yoga teachers, fitness coaches and lifestyle bloggers to guide our guests towards healthy habits. This year’s wellness instructors included: Eric Delarosa – fitness and nutrition expert offering online training and coaching and an internationally published fitness model. Jamie Delarosa –nutrition expert, boot camp coach and fitness model. Iorch Quetzal – spiritual healer and reiki coach at Ixshala Vallarta. Renowned for his capabilities as a healer, spiritual guide and musician. Iorch’s yearning for enlightened consciousness has led him to visit places …