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Guest Review of Spa Imagine

I recently visited Spa Imagine, the luxury spa at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I wanted to share my experience at the spa as a pregnant woman. I am currently the mother of a two-year old daughter and I’m three months pregnant with my second child. I know how important it is to nurture your body and soothe your mind while pregnant. I hope that you will enjoy my guest review of Spa Imagine.

Wellness 2019 at Spa Imagine

November was a very special month at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta. From November 18th to 30th, Spa Imagine hosted its annual wellness program, Wellness 2019. Marisol Arreola, our Spa Manager, developed an integrative wellness program designed to align physical, mental and spiritual health with a variety of spa treatments, dynamic workouts and meditation experiences. The program provided guests with the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate themselves with a balance of wellness and leisure activities. To enrich our guests’ experience at Wellness 2019, we invited a number of inspiring wellness experts, yoga teachers, fitness coaches and lifestyle bloggers to guide our guests towards healthy habits. This year’s wellness instructors included: Eric Delarosa – fitness and nutrition expert offering online training and coaching and an internationally published fitness model. Jamie Delarosa –nutrition expert, boot camp coach and fitness model. Iorch Quetzal – spiritual healer and reiki coach at Ixshala Vallarta. Renowned for his capabilities as a healer, spiritual guide and musician. Iorch’s yearning for enlightened consciousness has led him to visit places …

Indulge Your Senses with a Body Wrap at Spa Imagine

Indulge Your Senses with a Body Wrap at Spa Imagine

There are few things as relaxing as a trip to the spa, and receiving a body wrap treatment is a terrific way to restore the spirit and replenish the body. There are several types of specialized body wraps offered these days, and the magnificent Spa Imagine at the Garza Blanca Preserve is the ideal place to try one out. Nourishing oils, detoxifying clays, exfoliation rituals and herbal aromatherapy fusions are all common elements of body wrap treatments, chosen to suit your individual needs. After a blend of products is applied to your body, you will enjoy some calming quiet time while you are all wrapped up. Materials such as plastic wrap, cloth bandages or a sheet are used to ensure your body receives all of the benefits the body wrap can offer. You can look forward to exiting the spa after your treatment feeling a splendid sense of physical and mental renewal. Take a closer look at some of the impressive benefits that a body wrap at the spa can provide: Detoxification Many body wrap …

What is a Chakra

Chakras – The Inspiration behind Spa Imagine

The ambiance and design of each therapy suite at Garza Blanca’s Spa Imagine is inspired by one of the body’s seven energy centers known as chakras, which are located at various points from the base of the spine to just above the top of your head. If you have ever practiced yoga, enjoyed wellness travel or meditated, then you will, no doubt, be very familiar with these energetic centers through which prana (energy life force) flows. What are chakras? “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk which is used to define the differing points along the spine where energy builds up in a variety of massive nerve centers.  The chakras are believed to help regulate the systems of the human body, including everything from organ function to your complex myriad of emotions.  Many modern day practices aim to “open” or “release” your chakras, returning them to their natural balance, so that a harmonious flow of energy can be restored.   Spa Imagine’s Therapy Rooms The therapy rooms at Spa Imagine are named after …

You’ll Get Stronger

Basketball Court at Garza Blanca – Why play?

Basketball is a great sport to play if you want to add some serious cardio to your exercise regime! Better still, it’s just plain fun! You don’t need to be Stephen Curry to get enjoyment from playing this sport; whether you’re shooting hoops by yourself or you’re playing in competitive leagues you’ll find that basketball can help you to attain and maintain an impressive level of fitness. Here’s why you should take advantage of the Basketball court in Garza Blanca Resort & Spa: It’s a Major Calorie Burner The lateral movements, jumping, and running involved in basketball make it a great aerobic workout which burns a huge amount of calories per hour! Improve Your Cardiovascular Health Basketball raises your heart rate (due to aforementioned factors), and better still keeps it up there while you play. This means that you can expect to see an improvement in cardiovascular endurance if you play regularly; this will also decrease your risk of suffering from heart disease or strokes! You’ll Get Stronger This is an intense, full-body workout which …

Tennis Keeps you Fit on Vacation

Tennis Keeps you Fit on Vacation

If you’re thinking about taking up a sport which will work your muscles, cardiovascular system, and your brain then you really need to think about tennis! Tennis is a great way to keep, or get, yourself fit, and even socialize with your friends! You can even enjoy the sport while enjoying a vacation at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa at the outdoor play and fitness center. Here are our top reasons to consider taking up tennis: It Helps Protect Your Heart A tennis match can last anywhere between one and two hours, and will increase your heart rate as well as boosting your energy levels. If you play regularly you will soon see your cardiovascular health improve, thereby protecting you from strokes, heart attacks, and heart disease. It Works Your Entire Body Tennis is a unique mix of quick sprints, crouching, swinging, and jumping which works your legs, arms, core, back, shoulders, and your cardiovascular system. When you play tennis regularly you will find that your muscles, heart, and lungs get fitter and stronger. It …

Benefits of Sunscreen on Beach

Benefits of Sunscreen

If you have access to a TV, Radio, or the Internet then it is a safe bet that you have already heard about the benefits of integrating sunscreen into your daily routine. Beauty bloggers, health experts, and governmental bodies have all given their opinion on the matter. Of course, none of us are perfect. Whether your skin “sins” are big or small, whether you’re prone to oiling up before you hit the beach, or you’re simply inconsistent in your coverage, your skin is being damaged by any frequent or intense exposure to the sun and the harmful UVR which it contains. Here are some reasons to consider making SPF protection part of your daily routine in one way or another: It Decreases Your Chance of Developing Skin Cancer It is estimated that 90% of all non-melanoma skin cancers, and 65% of all melanomas are caused by exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation. These UV rays can cause gene mutations which lead to skin cancer, and so applying sunscreen, or even make-up or moisturiser with …

New Spa Imagine Massage Cabana

New Spa Imagine Massage Cabana

Launched just last month by Spa Imagine at Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, the Imagine Massage Cabana has already been causing quite a stir. The brand new outdoor cabana provides world-class spa services al fresco for those who just can’t get enough of the open air and the soothing sounds of the Pacific Ocean. The luxury outdoor spa cabana, appointed with all the elegant comforts you would expect from Spa Imagine, can be found on the beachfront between Tower 2 and 3, next to the main pool area. Tailored Outdoor Service Menu Guests can enjoy a customized spa menu offering a choice of spa services that are available daily from 10am to 7pm at the Imagine Massage Cabana. These services have been lovingly crafted to suit the setting where they will be offered and were chosen based on guests’ favorite treatments at Spa Imagine. Enjoy a special discount when sharing the outdoor spa experience with your partner, family member or a friend. Back Massage    30min $ 65.00 USD Aromatherapy Massage   50min $ 115.00 …

Mexico’s Inspiration - Golf Champion Lorena Ochoa

Mexico’s Inspiration – Golf Champion Lorena Ochoa

Mexico’s Lorena Ochoa has been hailed as one of the greatest athletic talents in the world, and for good reason! Ochoa was racking up titles and acclamations from a very young age due to her natural talent and, of course, her hard work. Lorena Ochoa was raised in Guadalajara, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, where she lived near a local country club. When she became the first Mexican golfer to hold the number one spot in the entire world, Lorena Ochoa broke cultural AND gender norms becoming both the first woman to hold the title as well as the first Mexican. Her incredible talent and hard work have earned her recognition at every level, including in the World Golf Hall of Fame. An Early Start Lorena Ochoa grew up very close to the Guadalajara Country club, and it was there that she started playing golf at the age of five. Her talents were clearly strong even then, because by the age of six she had secured her first state championship. By seven she had …

Relaxing in Spa Imagine's Stunning Wet Areas

Relaxing in Spa Imagine’s Stunning Wet Areas

When you have a marvelous spa treatment booked at the incomparable Spa Imagine at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta, why not take your experience to the next level? Why not schedule some extra time to indulge in the wet areas and hydrotherapy cycle before your service? Spa Imagine’s Stunning Wet Areas You will gain complimentary access to the Spa Imagine’s sensational wet areas when you make an appointment for treatments such as massages, body treatments and special packages.   Likewise, those who wish to bask in the wet areas without booking a treatment may also do so for a fee. Boasting one of the most extensive hydrotherapy circuits in Puerto Vallarta, you know your time will be well spent in Spa Imagine’s wet areas. While arriving 60 minutes prior to your spa treatment will allow you to enjoy the hydrotherapy circuit to its fullest, any amount of time will help you prepare the body and mind for total relaxation.  Warming up your muscles with these ancient rituals will help you get the most out of every spa …

High Intensity Interval Exercise

High Intensity Interval Exercise

HIIT training, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a method of training which involves bursts of intense activity interspersed with periods of rest. This is actually a really effective way to work out, and will whip you into shape in quick time. For example, you could run as fast as you can for one minute and rest for one, or doing as many squats as you can in a minute before resting. When you use HIIT routines regularly you will see results fairly quickly. Efficient Exercise High Intensity Interval Training is a great solution for anyone who has a hectic schedule; it can be done on your lunch break, and still leave you some time to eat. What’s more it can get you into shape fairly quickly for an upcoming event! Research has shown that when completed three times per week short periods of HIIT training can produce better results than a an hour on the treadmill. Hit Intensity Interval Training has also been shown to improve aerobic capacity at a higher rate; 2 weeks …

Health Questionnaire at Spa Imagine Puerto Vallarta

Finding that Perfect Balance in 2017

With 2017 well under way, we are all striving to maintain our personal goals regarding our health and wellbeing.  Now that the holidays are over, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to strike a healthy balance in the year ahead.  We will also see how to organize a vacation that will inspire a relaxing, healthy lifestyle thanks to Spa Imagine’s manager, Rosa Gonzalez at Garza Blanca Resort in Puerto Vallarta. Stay Hydrated    While it may seem obvious, the importance of staying well hydrated cannot be overstated.  It helps the systems in your body to run at their optimal levels and gives skin and eyes an amazing radiance.  Try to drink around 2 liters (about eight 8-ounce glasses) of water and other healthy fluids every day.  During your time on vacation in hot climates, make sure you drink even more water to replenish the fluids you lose through sweat, and if you are drinking alcohol, follow the rule of drinking one glass of water between each cocktail. Stay Active Just because …