Ancient Hot Stone Massage at Garza Blanca’s Spa Imagine

There are some massages that take you to a completely different level of relaxation and leave you tranquil, serene and content; then there are those massages that transport you to a dimension of wellbeing that you may have never experienced before, leaving you fully renewed, inspired and ready to reinvent every aspect of yourself to harmonize with what the future has in store. The Hot Stone Massage experience offered by Garza Blanca’s Spa Imagine does just that! Here you will find a meditative experience which will open the doors to a deeper connection of mind, body and spirit.

Hot Stones for Healing

Hot stones have been used in massage and healing therapies for thousands of years. Many believe that the Chinese were the first to use warm stones in such a way over two thousand years ago. They did so to improve the function of the body and internal organs as well as to soothe a variety of ailments and illnesses. Historical accounts also document how hot stones were key in the healing rituals of North and South America, Europe, Egypt and India. In some cases they were also used in ceremonial rituals like sweat lodges, or placed in patterns on the body as a curative process.

Spa Imagine’s Customized Treatment

Today the ancient wisdom of using hot stones has been boiled down to an incredibly beneficial therapy that is both spiritual and physical. In its tailored hot stone spa treatment, Spa Imagine honors the wisdom of its ancestors while making use of advanced spa techniques and technologies that are available today. The result is an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling connected to your inner self and totally relaxed.

The Hot Stone Massage offered by Spa Imagine pays homage to the elements of nature: fire, earth, water and air. The therapist will set the temperature of the room to your liking and spray the air above you with a diluted essential oil that is selected to complement your treatment and mood. The therapist will then cleanse your feet with water while you close your eyes and hold a precious stone, this is the first stage of the massage experience. The idea is to immerse yourself in the present so that you may enjoy the next 80 minutes fully.

The next stage of the massage brings fire and earth together in the symbolic hot stones, which are volcanic pebbles of varying sizes. To accustom your body to the heat and pressure, the therapist will first dance them lightly across your back before working along the vertebras of your spine one by one, placing the stones on each of your chakras. Then they will employ the magic of their hands, manipulating your muscles with the soft stones.

Profound Relaxation

As you become accustomed to the weight and heat of these stones, the deep muscle work will begin. This sees the therapist manipulating the muscles of your back with the pebbles which will be lubricated with a neutral or unscented oil such as almond oil. The pressure can be as deep as you like, just let the therapist know. The stones will also be used to massage your arms, legs and feet.

After the back massage, you will find yourself completely relaxed. However, believe it or not, at this point the real magic is yet to come. You will be asked to turn onto your back at which point some of the stones will be placed beneath your body at key pressure points such as the back of your knees and between the shoulder blades. The massage will continue, using hot stones to further release the tension in your arms, shoulders and neck. Baby hot stones will also be used to stimulate your face and temples, and more sensitive clients may find themselves moved to tears as you release emotions and tensions.

At the end, the treatment will be sealed by the inhalation of essential oils and you will be left a moment to collect yourself until you are ready to return to the relaxation lounge in the hydrotherapy area for a cool glass of chlorophyll water or herbal tea.

Some of the benefits of a Hot Stone Massage Experience at Spa Imagine include:

– stimulation of circulation to extremities

– Promotion of self-healing

– Relaxes the muscles and tension in the body

– Help to release bodily toxins

– Soothing of muscle pain and spasms

– Generation of a sense of peacefulness

– Encourages connection with your spiritual nature.