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Keeping your Hair Looking Great on Vacation


Anyone who is looking forward to a great vacation has plenty to consider while preparing to go away, but it’s not often that we think about our hair. Keeping your hair under control on the beach or at the pool shouldn’t be the hardest part of your vacation, but when you spend time out in the sea breeze, humidity, and sunshine as well as soaking in chlorine and saltwater, your mane can really suffer. Take these tips to heart, however, and you’ll find that your locks are as lustrous and healthy looking as ever.

Avoid Styling Products

Removing harsh styling products like gels or hairsprays from your daily rotation will help your hair to look more natural and behave better to boot! If you try to shampoo only every second or third day, as opposed to every day, this will enhance your natural texture, which is great if you have thin or fine hair naturally. Sea salt sprays and dry shampoos will elevate the beachy look, but should be avoided if you have dry hair. You could always use extra conditioner or a moisturising styling lotion for a glossy, nourished look.

Comb with Caution

This is an everyday rule which has more importance when you’re spending time in the breezy ocean air. Salty humidity can ravage your locks and leave them dried out, prone to breaking so only comb after conditioning and be gentle!  Combs with rubber tips are great for safe detangling.

Comb with Caution

Ditch the Dryer

This tip should be taken to heart wherever and whenever possible, but is especially key when you are out in the hot sun a lot. If you have longer hair a great alternative is to put in leave-in conditioner and wind your hair into a bun. Leaving it to dry this way will give you great beachy waves.

Ditch the Dryer

Embrace Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a wonderful product that is endlessly versatile. It’s well known for how it can help your skin, but did you know it’s also great for your hair? Well, it is! Rub a small amount between your fingers and run it through your hair to the ends, avoiding the scalp, for a mask that will help protect and nourish.

Eat Fat

Healthy fats are absolutely key in helping the body to nourish and fortify your hair from the inside out. If you want glossy and durable hair which can handle the abuse the elements dish out. Raw, light fats like those found in shredded coconut, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, and flax or hemp oil are great for this.

Become Friends with Bobby Pins

When you need to exert some major control over your hair, bobby pins are your very best friend; they help you to tame your mane whilst still looking chic and stylish. Salty and windblown hair is more susceptible to breakage and so elastics cause far too much damage. Pins are so versatile that they allow you to create sleek updos, or just push it back from your face. The best thing about bobby pins, however, is that they work in both long and short hair.

If you follow these tips, your hair should weather the sun, sea, and chlorine much better than it might have in previous years.